Marmora Public School 1913 - Built on the site of the present Legion Building

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“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”
― Mark Twain


Considered Marmora’s first school and later a pot ash plant and soap factory. Click on photo to read more

Marmora’s second school, located at 10 Hayes Street, Marmora. Click on photo for more

Marmora Herald,   dated May 11, 1933
" Reeve F.N Marett and T.W Rind, manager of the Dominion Bank here, went toToronto to interview officials at the Head Office of the Dominion Bank in regard to an increased line of credit for Marmora Village. They were successful in their mission and the school teachers will now be paid in full up to "May 1st".

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Marmora Public School - Earl Prentice Deloro Public School 

Sacred Heart Separate School Deloro Separate School


Children's Nursery Centre        The Continuation School 1920-1951

Marmora Senior School,  built as the High School in 1951

S.S. #2 The Jones School - centre line road

The eight township public schools were referred to  as School Sections and were numbered one to ten.  There is no reference to schools Number 4 and 9,  if they ever existed.   In 1964, the board met with the Township Council and decided to close all six of the remaining township schools.  In several of the schools the attendance had fallen below the minimum of nine pupils.  Shanick Public School had already been closed since November, 1942, and in June, 1948,  the Malone Public School was closed.

The Township agreed to pay $1,200.00 a year to Marmora and $800.00 a year to Deloro to have all the children from these township schools bused to Marmora or Deloro for their education.

stewart hardy

Teachers for these early township boards were not rehired  if they failed to keep discipline,  if parents complained their children were not learning,  if health problems arose in the school,  or  if the destruction of school property exceeded the board's tolerance level.

School caretakers were also hired and fired at random.  Their duties included sweeping,  mopping, dusting,  oiling,  cleaning the windows,  piling wood into woodsheds, looking after the toilets and lighting the fires. (one hour before school started.)  Salaries ranged from $35.00 to $80.00 a year.

On January 1, 1965 a new board combining the Deloro Village and the Marmora  & Lake Boards operated under the respective chairmanship of Stewart  Hardy and Mrs. William Regan.  This board was replaced in January, 1968  when the new Hastings County School system came into effect.

Mrs. William Regan


S.S. #1  The White School (Lot 5, Conc 8, Old Marmora Rd)


Mr. Miller, teacher at White School 1957

Barbara Mitts went to this school.

S.S.#2  Jones Public School     (Lot 15, Conc. 6, Centre Line Rd)

Centre Line Road, south of Beaver Creek Road - formerly known as the Bailey School House.  One teacher was Maggie Meraw,  who married Mr. Robert Jones.


To the right,  a list of teachers at the Jones School from 1888 to 1907

  • Suzanne Kelsh went there grades 1 through 6

  • Graham Bell Grades 1 & 2 at this School. One room, 8 grades.

We have no information on this news item.

SS #3 -  Allan School (Zion) (Lot 21, Conc 9)  a.k.a. Wiley's school

CLICK HERE for 1971 story of the school burning down

Teacher in 1916 - Miss A.E. Scott


Ella Faulkner -teacher

Clayton Curtis, J. Wright, W.Sharp, Mabel Bailey,  Hazel McMullen,  Clifford Chard, Myrtle Sharp, Elda Janson, Evelyn Eggleton, Flossie Bailey, Martha Pounder, Percy MacMullen, Iva Maybee, Claude Scott,  Selbourne Sharp, Edith Curtis,  Ella Cummings, Vera Sharp,  Meryl Cummings, Liza Sharp, Myrtle MacMullen, Twins Ida and Ila Sharp, Melville and Melbourne Sharpe,  Percy Lawrence, L. Rupert, Serge Johnson, Roy Scott,   B. Sharp, Clifford Maybee,  Floyd Garrison,  Ernst Curtis, Clarence Maybee

Possibly the Zion School


S.S. #5    Beaver Creek Public School   (Pt Lot 17, Conc. 4)

(No longer standing, this frame building with insilbrick stood on the site where the Barrons/Lautenbach house now stands,  next door to a converted church, now residential)       

Glenn Mawer wrote:   That's my old school. Joan Chapman [Fox] was my teacher. She did a great job , many memories.                                                                                                                                                         Lorilei Wells Mayhew wrote:   My grandparents later built their home on the site.                                       John E. Hutchings added:   There is where I did grade one and part of grade two and a Mrs Gay was the teacher,  I believe.



Signature inside: May and Lizzie Connors, May 16, 1894, S.S. No. 5, Marmora - sisters of Maggie (Connors) Gallagher who was grandmother of Maloneys and McKinnons. May was engaged to Frank Cook - died from gas poisoning in Toronto. Lizzie was in a wheel chair most of her life - did a lot of lovely needlework.

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                        S.S. #6           Malone Public School

As far as can be conjectured, Malone's first school was a log school-house built in 1862.  This building,  facing south, took shape on the north side of the main road and west of the house  later owned by Miss Ellen Terrion.

It was about the summer of 1875 that a new school was constructed about one mile north-east of  the log school-house on land purchased from the late Ed. Nihill for one dollar plus the old school property.  "It is recalled of Miss Annie Smith, the first teacher in the new school, that on its opening  day she paraded the children, two by two ahead. of her from the old building to the  new one."

Malone - Copy.jpg



S.S. #7  Tiffen Public School (Part Lot 3, Conc. 2)

S.S. #7 Tiffen School


Then and now

Back Row     Eileen Thompson    ? Quinlan    Bernard Cook     Johnny Thompson                Middle Row     Roy Booth    Gerald Thompson     Muriel Thompson       Gladys Booth                    Front Row      Albert Leonard     Earl Thompson     Bernard Quinlan    Theresa Peever      Marjorie Cook



(Maloney school,  near Iron Bridges Rd) (Part Lot 25, Conc. 3,  frame construction with basement & furnace)

S.S. #8

According to the notes of Charles Barron.  Joe Barron was a teacher at this school.

Glenn Mawer:  In grade 4 ,5 ,6 we used to walk from the Beaver Creek School  to that school thru the long swamp for a field with that school. Played games . Never saw them again for another year. Had to be at least 5 miles

Beverly Thompson:   My mother went there! Betty Moffatt. I grew up in next concession over.

CLICK HERE FOR S.S. #9 also known as Belmont S.S. #12 or the Cordova School

S.S. 9 was originally built on the Clemenger Road,  near the Cook's Cheese Factory,  but was torn down and the children transferred to the Cordova School.


  S.S. #10  Shanick Public School

Annmarie Willman-Sprywrote:  That Mrs. Revoy's name was Myrtle & her baby was Pearl.

S.S. #5  Rawdon,  in Bonarlaw 

In 1939, teacher Marion Prest arrived in Bonarlaw's one-room schoolhouse.  She was paid $700.00 per year, working in a building with no electricity or plumbing,  and only a wood stove for heat. Her lodging was a former hotel converted to apartments, costing $5.00 a month. The students kept the fire well stocked in the winter and drew their water from a nearby well.  Prest taught grades one to eight for four years.  She then left the area but returned in 1956 and lived there ever after.

Click here to read about Bonarlaw

RAWDON   SS #5 ,   1927                                                                                    Submitted by NORMA (MCINROY) MASON

Front Row: (L-R) Murray McInroy, Milt Campbell, ?, ?, ?, June Wellman, ?, Ruth Prest, Norma McInroy Middle RoW: (L-R) ?, ?, ?, Madeline?. ?, Hilda Brown, ? Back Row (L-R) ?, ?, Wilson Campbell, John Morrison, Emma Totten, Marjorie Jones, ?, ?, ?, Jeanette Morrison


S.S.#5   Rockdale  (Belmont Township) 

The Rockdale school we see now on 2521 Cordova Road #48   was built in 1869  on land donated by pioneer William Young, who settled in the area in 1856.  The building, once called Mount Zion,  was constructed   for $300.00 by John Brown,  the first Reeve of Belmont Township to become County Warden, who settled  on the Steenburgh property is 1865.   The new school replaced the original log school shown below built from  logs  taken off the Young farm and planed at a mill on the Crowe River. Over the years it was painted and fenced.   In 1930 a steel roof added and  in 1939 a new hardwood ceiling. An organ was purchased and on April 19, 1948,  electricity was installed.

This small one room rural school,  situated 8 miles from Havelock has served for  over one hundred and fifty years ,  and acted as a training and observation ground for student teachers.  The first teacher was (Mr?) Weir and the first inspector was Mr. Smallburger. Trustees in 1941 were Carl Purdy, Wm Ellis Fred Varty. C.F. Steenburgh the the Sec.-Tres. and 1944 saw Miss Althea Smith and Miss Laura Menzies spend their training time here,  and in 1966 so did Miss Joanna Menzies and Aylmer Buchanan. The school closed in 1967. 

1960 l-r - Back - Kathy Wheeler, Joanne Hornsby, Michael Snowball, Bill Hornsby, Trudy Wheeler, Don? Bowen, John Jones; Middle - Lynn Edwards, Dean Ellis, Gord Ellis, Tom Edwards, Joey Deshane, ? Edwards; Front: Linda Ann Sweet, Marie Ellis, Johnny Deshane, Frank Sweet; Teacher Phyllis Youmans



Owners Elena Kristiansen and Mike McGough, celebrate 150th anniversary of school with neighbours and friends - Aug.31, 2019

Back: L to R - Wayne VanVolkenburg, Elena Kristiansen, Valerie and Ron Marshall, Mary Ellen and Evan Meyers; Middle: – Cathy VanVolkenburg, Kent Young, Rod McBey, Marion and Mike Bowman , Mike McGough, Loraine and Dan Brownley, Connie Finley, Amy McGough, Tom Finlay; Seated – Dorothy Bowen, Colleen and Gary Ellis, Bob Bowen; Behind the cameras – Connie Young and Cathy McBey


S.S. #10 Belmont - The Vansickle School

Vansickle School 1920-21