by Gerald Belanger


1936-39 film

Some names that go with the 1936/1939 filmin order of appearance:

Sally Franklin             Betty Grant Slade
Marg Nayler
Dorothy Nayler
Min 1:09  Bob Sanderson
Helen Nayler Bell
 Mr. Linn, Reeve
Min 1:40    Mr. Prentice, Principal of Public School
Charles Bleecker
Tom Warren
William Sanderson
Min 2:05 Percy Gray Sr. Town Constable
Joe Dale's house by P.O.
Min 4:54 Warren Hickey, postmaster                  Min 5:06  Sacred Heart Church
Ada Archer Brady
Min 5:33  Father Farrell
Rita Deacon Murray
Florence Auger
 Min 6:00  Art Eggleton, cutting wood

Baby Carriages

Tom Pritchard
Min 7:00    Marble Point Lodge
 Min 7:37 Tipperary House   
Min 7:50  Tom Potts, fish
 Min 8:15   Percy Gray Sr. Arresting ? in front of hotel                            Min 8:32 Royal Hotel staff
 Min 8:50  Will Bedore with flag
Min 9:00  George Rice bugle
Min 9:07   Parade
Min 9:12 Bill Prentice, drum
Min 10:20   George Fox and Seymour Henry Tow Truck
Min 10:46 Ladies- Mrs. Pinner in centre of 3
Anglican Church
Min 11:57     Rev and Mrs. Caldwell
Min 11:58     Mr. Gale  said to have invented electric typewriter and built it with a sewing machine chassis
 Min 12:55     Diver Wells and Tom Brady, Balloon fight           Margaret Ann Smith blowing balloon
Miss Taft, Public School teacher
St. Andrew's United Church
Rev. Hollingsworth
Chappy Gawley and Percy Gray  fire at grist mill
Film by Mr. Franklin Carlton .


In the late 1930's Marmora Village had the opportunity to share the spirit of its town with the world. In a letter to the Marmora Town Clerk, E.C. Prentice, dated September 30, 1938, Frank Carlton Film Production of London, England wrote the following:

'For the past two years, we have been showing a Movie-Travelogue entitled "Canada Calling the Empire" with very great success.   This consisted of films we had previously taken in the larger Canadian cities with the help and approval of the Federal and Ontario governments.  The success of the whole enterprise has been such as to warrant a further series of movie films being made but which shall be devoted entirely, to Country Life and so form a cross section of Canadian actively, entirely apart from the cities.

We have just completed films of Fenelon Falls, Hastings and Norwood, where we had the utmost co-operation and help and we feel sure of an equally happy reception in your town, where we hope to  obtain a quantity of most interesting matter for Overseas use.'

From October 10th through to the 27th, 1938, Dr. Carleton and his film crew visited the local churches, the Business Section and  local schools. The Public School staff consisted of Gertrude Lumsden, Winnifred Sabine, Miss Pearle Robinson, Hilda Taft and Principal E.C. Prentice. The Separate School staff consisted of Rita Elizabeth Deacon, who was teaching her first year at Sacred Heart School and Principal Florence Elizabeth Auger. The High School staff consisted of Miss Pearl Wilson, Miss M.A. Murray, Mr. E.A. Barry and Principal E.I. Gale.

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Most of the other events  were staged by his film crew such as the Business Parade on Forsyth Street, a baby carriage parade at the corner of Forsyth and Matthew Street, Constable Percy Gray arresting a woman near the entrance of the Royal Hotel and later Percy Gray rescuing Chappy Gawley from the flames at the old Grist Mill which was located on Main Street. All of these staged events were filmed October 10th to the 13th.

On the 16th of October, Dr. Carlton and his crew filmed the Public School Trustees , Gordon Jarvis, James Hickey and Stewart Blake. They also filmed the United Church Choir and congregation after an Anniversary Service. The film crew also covered activities at the Marble Point Lodge:   Proprietor Thomas Potts holding a large fish in front of Tipperary House; scene of Crowe Lake and Crowe River; shots of the Marmora Dam and the new concrete bridge over Crowe River; Arthur Eggleton cutting cord wood on his belt-drive  saw machine; a small group of Veterans marching down Burstall Street with Wilbert Bedore carrying the British flag; George Rice playing the bugle;  Bill Prentice playing the drums and a short clip showing Mrs. Urena Prinner and two other ladies. Stanley Lowe, the proprietor of the Royal Hotel is shown with his staff. and representingthe Marmora Village Council for 1938 were Reeve William Linn and his Councillors Hubert Smith. Ralph Neal, Thomas Potts and William Sanderson.