1919 Deloro Superintendants & Foremen

1919 Deloro Superintendants & Foremen

Men of the Mine

and the women too!

A Gallery of the Deloro Mine Employees

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Even through the world depression of the 1930's, the plant maintained operating with a reduced workforce.  Some employment numbers

  • 1908 125 men

  • 1917 400 men

  • 1925 327 men

  • 1931 181 men

  • 1932 180 men

  • 1933 170 men

  • 1935 156 men

  • 1938 208 men

The first woman employed at the Stellite Plant was hired in 1941. By 1943 over 53 women were employed at the plant.

  • 1941 346 employees

  • 1943 377 employees

  • 1958 500 employees

Staff of the Deloro Smelting & Refining Co. Plant Bulletin    (Click on photo for name)

Mr. Airhart (Grant's father)

James Hector Auger

Clinton Barlow,  Head Chemist (1890-1955)

Clinton Barlow and first wife, Vera, mother of Maurice

Clinton Barlow and first wife, Vera, mother of Maurice

Maurice and Lorraine Barlow

Ted Bedore

Clarence Bell

Mel Borland

Clare and Mel Borland

Hector Boudreau 1894-1951

Boudreau, Hector, 1894-1951, gas station owner.jpg

Tom Brawley

Jann Crane, secretary

Jack Cunningham

Alphonse Clemens

Henry Clemens

Mike Corrigan

Tom Cousins

John Edward Cross
Born 1876 in Toronto Son of John Edward Cross & Jane Taylor Married Ada Emigh on 17 July, 1901 at St. Paul's Anglican Church, Marmora, Ontario Ada born in 1884 Sidney Township - Ada Cross died on 10 October, 1938 Parent of James Allan ; George William ; Lena Blanche Alice ; Mary ; Eva ; Gladys ; Peggy ; John Edward Stella and Betty In 1896 worked for Deloro Goldfields Company as a labourer. Retired from the plant on 30 March, 1946 Spent over 41 years at the Deloro Plant - Died on 16 Oct., 1955 Both John Edward and Ada Cross are buried at the Marmora Protestant Cemetery, Section J, Row 7, Lots 4 thru 7.

Harold Dalton

R.A Elliott
Born in Woodstock, Ontario The Works Superintendent from 1915 until 1940. Appointed General Manager in July, 1940. Very interested in sports at Deloro. Spent 29 years at the Deloro Plant. Died on 9 February, 1944 at Deloro. Buried at Woodstock Cemetery. See Deloro Sports

 Born in West Ham, Stratford, U.K. on June 30, 1902, son of George Benjamin Brooks and Kathleen Mary Edwards,  and emigrated to Canada in 1922,marrying Daisy Smith (daughter of Harry & Daisy Smith) in 1925.  They had 13 children.George was employed at Deloro Plant, as Foreman in the Foundry for the Production of  Stellite and Cobalt, for 38 years and in Belleville for 9 years. 

Winnie Brooks worked as a tele- phone switch- board oper- ator at Deloro Smelting and Refining Co. in the early 1940s.

For more on the Brooks family,  CLICK HERE

William Brown

Charles Henry Buskard
Started at Deloro in May, 1915 with Kirkpatrick and Kirkegaard. General Superintendent of Cobalt Oxide Plant at Deloro Spent 29 years with the Company Retired from the plant in 1958 Buried at St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery, Cobourg, Ontario

Herb English

Jules Ethier

Herb Fode

Molly Freaks

Bart Gaffney and Eliz Shields

Bart Gaffney & Elizabeth Shields

Bart Gaffney & Elizabeth Shields

Bart Gaffney

Ted Galloway

Joe Gilhooley

Steve Glembiski

Don Goodchild

Don Goodchild, May Madgett

William Goodchild

Percy Gray, Sr.

Percy Gray Sr 1926

Norman Hipson was a British WW1 veteran who emigrated to Toronto with his wife,  Esther and two children, William Henry Hipson and Doris Hipson(VanVolkenburg).  They moved to Marmora c.1929 where Norman had been hired in Deloro,  where he worked until his death in 1958.  He was a British WW1 veteran and helped get the Marmora legion established. He served a term as president of that branch.

norman hipson

His son,  William Henry Hipson was also employed in Deloro prior to the war.

Cecil Holland

Jack Kain

Lehay Marge

Joan Maloney,  switchboard

George Mantle

Phillip Martin- moved to Cordova in 1911 to act as manager there.

ArleneCampion McKee

Bruce McKenzie

Einar Melvaer (Norway)

Finn Melvaer (Norway)

Thormod Melvaer, (Norway)

Grandfather of Harald Wentzel of Finland, Thormod was an employee at the Deloro Mining and Reduction Company, as a chemist.  He died in 1916in Chuquicamata, Chile Click here to read more

Wilbert Mumby

William Narrie (a.k.a. Nerrie)- Died April 12, 1948, Age 84 buried in Belleville Cem.

Harold Nayler

Harold Nayler & Jerry Smith

Harold Nayler & Jerry Smith

Don Ogilvy

George O'Neill

George Osborne

Arthur Pordham

Thomas Potts Worked at Deloro Smelting and Refining Co. Ltd. and ran the Boarding house for 3 years.  He also operated the Royal Hotel,  St. James Hotel,  The Tipperary House on Crowe Lake and Huyckès Hotelin Tweed(Tweedsmuir)   He died in 1952

Cliff Quinn

Shirley Quinn

Norm Kilpatrick

Peter Kirkegaard

Born 1854 in Norway,  making Canada his home in 1896 after silver mining in New Mexico.  He was married twice,  and had two daughters born in Deloro (one of whom died in Toronto at age 10)  and a son.   He built his home in Deloro in 1907, which later became the Deloro Nursing home.  He originally took charge of the Canadian Gold Fields at Deloro,  and later became the Managing Director of Deloro Mining and Reduction Co. He was the first man in Canada to refine white arsenic.  He retired from the Deloro plant in 1911 to manage personal mining interests in Cordova after15 years in Deloro.  Hedied on 23 December, 1924 in Toronto, after an illness of six weeks, aged 70.

He subsequently became connected with the North Dome mine, and acquired other interests in the Porcupine field, but latterly, his activities had been confined to engagements as consulting engineer. Mr. Kirkegaard was Vice-Consul for Denmark, and prominent in fraternal organizations. He was a Mystic Shriner, and a member of several professional societies, including the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers.

Statford F. Kirkpatrick
Professor of Metallurgy at Queen's University. Developed the process of extracting silver from cobalt ores along with Peter Kirkegaard who was the former Managing Director of Canadian Goldfields. Vice-President & Managing Director of Deloro Plant in 1935. - Retired from the plant in 1939 Died in November, 1943 at Vancouver.

 Esau Langman 

Marge Lehay

Harry Orville Loveless

1967 Harry Loveless, Beatrice Loveless, 50th wedding anniversary

Born 26 February, 1892 Almand, Michigan USA Son of Edgar Loveless & Minnie Jackson Married Beatrice McInroy on 16 February, 1916 Beatrice born 1896 in Eldorado Beatrice died 24 September, 1979 Harry died 3 May, 1980 Both are buried at the Marmora Protestant Cemetery, Row 9, Lots 15 & 16 of Section D Harry spent 34 years with the Deloro Company; Parents ofRaymond, Marjorie, Floyd, James,  Grace,  Charles and June

Vincent Lynch

Frank Reha was from Romania and worked at Deloro in the 1920's.  He was accidentally shot by John Wesley Emigh on Nov. 30, 1928,  leaving a widow and a daughter.  See obituary.

William Michael Regan

Born on 24 May, 1895 at Brooklyn, New York Son of Edward Regan & Elizabeth Dooley Married Mary Edna Meehan on 14 April, 1919 at St. Paul's Anglican Church, Marmora, Ontario. Served Overseas during WW 1 with First Canadian Forestry Corps. Mary Edna born 10 February, 1898 New York City. Daughter of Dennis Meehan & Susan Bonter. Mary Edna Regan died on 18 March, 1928 & buried at the Marmora Protestant Cemetery.   Remarried Muriel Litt on 2 July, 1929 at Peterborough. Muriel born 2 July, 1906 - Muriel Regan died 31 March, 1979 & buried at the M.P.C William .  Michael Regan was goal tender for the 1930 Deloro Soccer Team. William worked for Deloro plant for 40 years. Lived in the area since 1905 Appointed General Manager on 1 May, 1961 William Michael Regan died on 7 April, 1968 and is buried at the Marmora Protestant Cemetery (M.P.C)

Sid Sandham

Tom Shannon

Wm Charles Simmons

Harry Smith

Born in Mansfield, England,  in 1883,  and worked as a young man in the Iron Works of the north of England.  Emigrated to Deloro, Canada in 1911 with wife,  Daisy Reay Smith(parents of Harry, Norman & Daisy(all born in U.K.) and Simeon, Richard, Iris, Marjorie, Elizabeth (Betty), Maye, William (all born in Deloro).   Harry Smithwas employed at Deloro as Foreman, Silver Department for 29 years,  and was very popular with the employee.  He was very active in the Safety First Committee.  He and his wife operated the Boarding House in Deloro. Harry and Daisy Smith are buried in the Smith Plot, Marmora Protestant Cemetery, with William and Iris, and Richard Cyril Smith buried in Legion Section of Marmora Protestant Cemetery. 


Andrew Soderberg

Sam Stevens

 Thomas Southworth
Born 1857 near Brockville, Ontario Joined the Deloro Plant In 1909. Managing Director until his death on 9 March, 1924. Buried in Toronto.

J. Walsh, secretary

Ralph Graham Walsh
Born in Oxbow, Sask. General Manager at both the Deloro & Belleville plants Died on 9 May, 1960 at Belleville, Ontario Buried at the Belleville Cemetery.

Helen Vanstone Wiggins (lab)

Sidney Bristow Wright
General Manager from 1910 - 1940 Appointed Vice-President in July, 1940. Retired from plant in February, 1945 and moved to Vancouver Spent 38 years with the company.

Arthur Volkmann Yates
born 1893 at Preston, Ontario Served in the First Battalion Overseas during WW 1. Retired from Army with rank of Coloniel. - Won the Military Cross Started at Deloro as an accountant Became Secretary Treasurer of plant in July, 1940 General Manager from 1943 until 1948. Died on 10 June, 1948 Buried at Preston Cemetery

Yaschuk, Kirylo moved to Deloro from Sault Ste. Marie,  originally from Russia. On Jun 3, 1927,  his little son drowned in the Moira River,  when he fell in, striking his head on the way in, rendering him unconcious.  He was carried over the falls and never regained conciousness.  Kirylo himself died at the age of 54 of a heart condition.