A tour of our Churches

St.  Matilda's - Upper Canada's first church north of Lake Ontario

Just south of the north-end boat launch in Marmora, spanned the first bridge across the Crowe River. Leading west across the river, the road turned south passed what is now the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority building and round the rock knoll (now cut through for the #7 Highway) on its way to Havelock & Norwood. With this road being the main route west, it made sense to build the first church, St. Matilda's here, right on the road and with a beautiful view upstream. And so it was, in 1825, that Laughlin Hughes helped choose the site. Little did he know that his son, John Hughes, who drowned in the river, would be the first person to be buried there. It is said there are 29 unmarked burial sites in this cemetery.

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Marmora clergy, c.1976. F.ront row, Father Scanlan, Rev. Earl S.Bull, Rev.John Peters, back .row, ____, Rev. Gerald Kemp, Rev.John Lombard


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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church

St. Andrew's United Church

Marmora Free Methodist

Marmora Pentecostal Church


St Paul's Anglican Church

Back around 1900 James Bailey "took an active part" in building the Holy Trinity Church North Marmora according to his obituary. It is thought to have been built on land he donated at the NW corner of Beaver Creek Rd & Centre Line,  since demolished.. 

Marmora Presbertyrian (replaced by Marmora Free Methodist Church)

Beaver Creek Free Methodist Church, 1893, open for service once a year,  on Father's Day)

Beaver Creek Presbyterian  Church.   Now a private residence.  Penny Barrons added:   "It was purchased by my grand-father, John Henry (Jack) Vincent, about 1924.  He converted it into a home.  This is where my Mum, Marion Vincent Barrons and my uncle Garrett Cecil Vincent,  and  my Grandmother , Olive Vaughan Vincent lived.It was one of 4 churches in the Beaver Creek Settlement."  Click here to read the laying of the corner stone by the Masons.

Glenn Mawer : Mr & MRS Vincent lived there , Marion Barrons' parents .Marion wasEveret Barrons. The Beaver Creek School was next door... I went to school there.. Joan Chapman [Fox] was my teacher

Ronald Barrons: I can see my grandmother, Lily Jackson, and Mrs. Vincent sitting on that porch engaged in wonderful conversation, when they were old and neither could hear very well. They had a wonderful time of it, regardless. Beautiful ladies, both.

Susan Stewart I am Evelyn daughter. Marion and Everett took in my mom and raised her. I was so lucky to spend many vacations on the farm. 

Zion (Methodist) United Church


Victoria Church,  Cordova Road