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Ron Plazier at work



In 1890,  Charles Havelock Taylor (1859-1953), was working for Canada Consolidated Gold Mines in Deloro,  where he used his inventive skills to better the output of gold.  But he is mostly famous for the Taylor Air Compressor - an invention that was used in mines and mills across the country,  and even in the Peterborough Hydraulic lift Locks.  Read more about this brilliant idea-  CLICK HERE

Brian Sanderson,  son of Barbara and Bob Sanderson, made history with his latest group   “Esmerine”,  which celebrated winning the 2014 Juno Award for the Instrumental Album of the Year “Dalmak”. Click here for more

Samuel Ralph Laycock 1891-1971       M.A,  M.Ed,  B.Div.,  PhD, LLD, Educationalist,  Psychologist,  Lecturer, Author, Broadcaster,   pioneer of the Canadian Home and School and Parent-Teacher movement       Medal of Service of the Order of Canada    Read more of this story here

William "Bill"  Ellis,  born in Marmora,  was honoured to be Mayor of Sudbury in 1962-63. Click here for more




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2018 - LOCAL MARMORA ARTIST, ONE OF 13 CANADIAN ARTISTS CHOSEN BY DUCKS UNLIMITED FOR THIS YEAR'S NATIONAL ART PORTFOLIO and  Ron is the only artist east of Manitoba. Ducks Unlimited will be having prints of his painting, "Gatekeeper", on display across Canada, for auction . All money raised is for Ducks Unlimited. Ron has a Home studio on Marble Point, where he enjoys talking to visitors and creating. He also has paintings in Tweed Art Gallery and Algonquin Park Art Gallery. He can be followed on facebook or his website. https://www.ronplaizier.com/




Alexander Augustus Williamson Carscallen

Alexander Augustus Williamson Carscallen (October 14, 1844 – February 13, 1907) was a banker and political figure in Ontario. He represented Hastings North in the Canadian House of Commons from 1892 to 1904 as a Conservative member

He was born in North Fredericksburg Township, Lennox County, Canada West, the son of Edward Riggs Carscallen, and was educated in Napanee and at the University of Nashville. He established himself in business in Marmora, Ontario. He was a justice of the peace, a member of the North Fredericksburg township council and township reeve, and chairman of the school board. Carscallen was first elected to the House of Commons in an 1892 by-election held after Mackenzie Bowell was named to the Canadian senate. He was reelected in 1896 and 1900. In 1903, the riding of Hastings North was redistributed into Hastings West and Hastings East; Carscallen did not run in 1904. He died in Belleville at the age of 62. (Wikipedia)

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Peter Kirkegaard -   Born 1854 in Norway,  making Canada his home in 1896 after silver mining in New Mexico.   He built his home in Deloro in 1907, which later became the Deloro Nursing home.  He originally took charge of the Canadian Gold Fields at Deloro,  and later became the Managing Director of Deloro Mining and Reduction Co. He was the first man in Canada to refine white arsenic and later was the Vice-Consul for Denmark, and prominent in fraternal organizations.   Click here to read more


James D. Cumming, a mining engineer in Deloro, ,  prospector and author,  made history when, in Sept of 1956,  he wrote to Maple Leaf Gardens and pointed out that the science of the parabola could be applied to hockey,  making the game faster and more fun.  Indeed,  his plan did change the game. See our article.  Click here       He was also an active member of the community.  The restoration work at St Matilda's church,   spearheaded by Father WaIter Healey and Vincent Lynch, was carried out under James Cumming's leadership. Click here to read his article written in 1964

Honourable Robert Weir

Robert Weir MP Minister of Agriculture-  Principal of Marmora Public School

This former Marmora school principal was elected to the Canadian House of Commons in the 1930 federal election becoming the Conservative MP for Melfort, Saskatchewan.  He provided the foundation for the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Act in 1935 that sought to promote agricultural land improvement to help alleviate the effects of the Depression and to provide work for unemployed labourers. Click here for biography


In June 1907,  he gave up his school duties to continue his studies at the University of Toronto where he graduated with a first-class degree in mathematics in 1911. although he had promised to stay in Marmora if the Board would raise his salary from $675.00 to $750.00.

In early March, 1939, he was killed in a freak farm accident at 56 years of age. While hauling registered seed barley from Weldon to his farm, Weir’s sleigh became hung up in a snow drift. When the sleigh slid down, the load tipped, over-turning the sleigh and the sacks of grain, crushing him. He died almost instantly from internal injuries.






W.E.G. Glad Murphy

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Stephanie Partridge

Junior Canadian Silver Medallist, 1997
Bronze Medal, Triglov Trophy,  Slovenia, 1997   

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Greg Terrion

 #14 Los Angeles Kings and #7 Toronto Maples Leafs,  shares the NHL record for most penalty shot goals in one season - two, in the 1983-84 season. Both goals came in home games against Chicago. The first goal beat Tony Esposito on Oct. 15, 1983. The second goal beat Murray Bannerman on Jan. 14, 1984."  Greg Terrion was one of the best at shadowing Wayne Gretzky, often frustrating the great one. 

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 Swimmer  Gerald Potts 1928 and 1929

Marmora Herald   August 9, 1928                    

Gerald Potts won the five mile swim for the championship of the Trent Valley Waterway yesterday.  His time being three hours and ten minutes.  The trophy was a silver cup which has to be won twice in succession before the winner can secure a permanent possession."

In August of 1929,  Gerald Potts repeated his performance,  taking home the beautiful silver cup as champion of Central Ontario.

Gus Leonard     

Peterborough Hockey Hall of Fame Inducted 1993

Gus was an athlete with diverse talents. A fine runner, he also excelled at rugby, softball and baseball and was especially adept in hockey.

He was a sparkling centre on a fine Marmora team that knocked off much larger schools to win the COSSA title in 1937 and 1938. He also played with Stirling and Tweed clubs before joining Peterborough’s Junior B Colts. Gus played for army teams during World War II, then returned to play for Marmora in the Trent Valley League, winning numerous awards.

In 1949 and 1950, Gus was named MVP in his OHA league. What makes this unusual, is that the first was when he played for Marmora, the second as a member of the Senior B Petes. He always exemplified the good things about the game – clean play and leadership by example.

He was a smooth-skating heady player with great stick-handling ability. A career highlight was being the first recipient of the Jimmy Drummond Memorial Trophy as “the best senior hockey player in Peterborough” in 1953.

Gus Leonard Feb. 2017

Gus Leonard Feb. 2017

Feb. 10, 1938 Marmora Herald

Gus Leonard, fast skating forward for Marmora High School team is also playing a star game for Stirling in the Trent Valley League. On Monday he was given his first penalty in four years of hockey. He is the youngest player on the Stirling team and perhaps the youngest player in the League, and hockey fans and reporters predict a bright future for him. A fast and smooth skater, with a poke c heck that breaks up many an opponent's rush, and a hard accurate shot, he should develop into a star on any team