5 Bursthall St    

The home of Josiah Williams Pearce & family and  also William  Shannon


1905 Josiah Williams Pearce, 1850-1938
Merchant, Warden of the county in 1901, parliamentarian, Bursur of the Ontario school for the deaf in 1911

Residence at Ont. Sch for Deaf, with Bessie Pearce

Josiah Williams Pearce, 1911 appointed bursar of Ont. Sch. for Deaf


Josiah Williams Pearce like his brother, Thomas Peter Pearce would also take an active role in his community. He was a -
* Secretary Treasurer of the
Pearce Lumber Company
* a Village Councillor in 1888
* Reeve of Marmora Village from 1890-1902
* Warden of Hastings County in 1901
* M.P.P for West Hastings from 1903-1911
* a partner in the mercantile business with Frank Newton Marett
* built Marmora's first mall called the "Arcade". It held several businesses, Sweet's Bakery, Lee's livery store and Marmora's first newspaper the Advocate.
* later in life he became the Bursar at the Ontario School for the Deaf in Belleville, Ontario from 1911 - November 1st, 1923.


Josiah Williams Pearce, the first Warden of the 20th century of the County of Hastings and a magistrate, was a man well known all through the district. He was born in1850 at Norwood, Peterborough county,  where he resided until he attained his majority when he went to Marmora.   There he resided on Forsyth Street until he built this house on Bursthall Street,  where he lived with his first wife,  Bessie Bramley Pearce and two daughters,  Jennie (Jane) Almira (who married F.N. Marett)  and Bessie Ethel Pearce.  After the early death of his wife,  he married Julia Houston and continued his residency in this house.  In 1911,  after being a member of the Provincial Legislature,  he was appointed Bursar of the Belleville School for the Deaf,  and at that point moved there.

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Bessie Bramley Pearce1856-1882, known as "The nicest girl in town Bessie died of Malarial fever

 He was known as a solid business man. He was secretary-treasurer of his brother's company,  Pearce Co. Ltd. which carried on a big lumber. milling and manufacturing business. He also conducted a large general store on his own account and was a most successful man.

His municipal career commenced in 1890,when he sat in the county council as reeve of Marmora and Lake. and continued as such until1893 when he was defeated, but he came back in 1895 and with the exception of one season during which he was seriously ill,  he had been there continuously. The Pearce family have a record for holding wardenships.  His father. Mr. Peter Pearce was twice warden of Peterborough county. and his brother,  Joseph B.Pearce also was twice in that office.  Josiah's other brother,  T.P.Pearce. was  also warden of this county.
Personally the warden was described as a genial whole-souled man who had the respect of every one of his colleagues and who was held in the highest esteem by all in the city. He was politically a Conservative.


William shannon and his wife, dorena shannon on his left.



This home was later owned by Miss Sullivan,  and then purchased by William and Dorena Shannon.  William was a councillor & Reeve of the Village,  as well as County Warden and Village clerk for many years.

In 1990,  the building was purchased by the neightbour, McConnell Funeral Home,  and torn own to make way for expansion of the Funeral Home.

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