Thomas Peter Pearce (son of the well established Peter Pearce family of Norwood)   and his wife, Margaret Campion (1844-1918) and family would live in the large beautiful stone residence built for the family on the corner of Forsyth and Madoc Street, Marmora,  which in 1914 was partially destroyed by fire and rebuilt into the Royal Hotel.  But by 1891, Thomas had moved to Belleville.  Thomas died on July 14, 1894   in Santa Barbara California.









The story of Thomas Pearce was wonderful entrepreneurial tale resulting in the building of a dynasty.  His talent,  good timing and luck all came together to make him THE man about town.  His main interest was lumber for which he created the Pearce Lumber Co.,  but he saw his lumber business as a centre for all the off-shoots.

Thomas Peter Pearce would wisely purchase the ruins, remains and holdings and thousands of acres of timbered land previously held by the abandoned Marmora Iron works Company.

Thomas bought the assets not to revive the old iron works, but to build an empire in the lumbering business in Marmora. Thomas was the principal shareholder in the Pearce Lumber Co. From the early 1870's to the late 1880's, he built on the abandoned the iron works everything that a village required:

  • a saw mill,
  • a planing mill
  •  a kiln for drying his finished lumber
  •  a sash and door factory
  •  a carpentry shop
  •  a blacksmith shop
  • a grist mill
  •  a woolen mill
  • several retail stores
  • first generating plant for water pump to provide hydro.
  • first pump house to provide village fire protection See 1921 plan for pump house below



George Arthur Pearce, 1870–1871   Cause of death was dialation of heart due to Whooping Cough

William Campion Pearce 1871–1931

William Campion Pearce 1 yr.jpg

Also JOSEPH HUNTER PEARCE born May 24, 1878 in Marmora. DiedApr 24, 1880

Mary A Pearce 1874–1951


Frank Stanley Pearce, Merchant/Lumberman 1874–1937Married Gertrude Smith

Frank S. Pearce and Bess Pearce... back of photo reads 'nicest girl in town and her poor old cousin Mud'


Ada HATTIE Pearce 1876–1957 Lived on NW corner of Madoc & Victoria Streets with brother William, and sister, Mary

Henry Reginald Pearce Lumberman 1879–1959

Married Elizabeth Hettie Bowen

March 22, 1917 - Lieut. H.R. Pearce has been appointed recruiting officer for the 230th Forestry Bn., for Hastings County.  He has already secured a number of men and there should be little difficulty in securing 100 men from the County.  Marmora Herald

Henry Reginald (1878-Jun 1, 1959)  was predeceased by his wife, Elizabeth Hettie Bowen (1875-Nov. 22, 1953),  and his daughter,  Elizabeth Eleanor,  known as Margaret (July 1, 1904-Jan. 11, 1915). 

He was survived by his son,  Thomas R.B. Pearce (1919- Dec 30, 1983,  and three grandchildren.

29 Bursthall Street, Marmora