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Obituaries are in alphabetical order by last name.  Women are posted by their married surname.


On this page,  surnames A-G



              Airhart,O     Airhart, S    Anderson R. Archer W   Archer W    Archibell, Alvin & Ben

Auger, Jas. Auger, JH Aunger, GR


                  Bailey, A     Bailey, J               Bain, K        Baker J      Bapty. John     Barker J         Barlett A   Barlow, H     

Barnes, F        Barnes, F      Barnett, S

Barton, O    Bateman, A   Bateman J    Bateman L   Bateman T    Bedore E.    Bedore Ms GBedore J   Bedore J

Bedore L      Belanger, TP Bell, MS           Bell E    Bell, ML, Derry Bell, W G Bell, Wm

        Bennett C      Bentley, A   Bertrand S.   Bikki K      Bingham C

Bingham, C      Black, A     Black, C      Bleecker, Ch   Bleecker, C          Bleecker, G.   Bleecker, G       Bleecker, Mrs S

 Bonter J          Bonter R.     Bonter W         Booth Robson A C

Boudreau H   Boudreau, N     Bowen J        Bowen W        Boyd F        Boyd H

Brady J       Brawley, R      Briggs, A     Briggs, L    Brooks B      Brooks B              Brooks, D.   Brooks G     Brooks, HR

Brooks, H.   Brooks, H,     Brooks S      Brooks, S       Brooks, V

   Brown, HBrownson ABrownson E        Burns J       Burns, J        Burns, J       Burns, J        Bush, F


Cake, J Callery, J Callery RC Campion, A Campion, H Campion, T Card, L Card, M Carman, E

Carscallen,A           Carscallen            A Carscallen         Cassidy K         Caverly A        Chartrand H     Cheeseman  M

  Clairmont E      Clemenger, E Clemens, V Clement T Clement |Th.

Colquhoun S.  Connor C.    Cook Ch.W Cook, D            Cooper A   Cooper M      Courneyea C  

Crawford, Ch Crawford J.A. Crawford, M Crawford, M Cronkright J    Cronkright T      Cross J         Cross,


              Dale J     Dale M     Darby K   Davidson IDavidson M Davidson S Davidson W Dayton FDayton F.

Deacon WDeacon W     Deline, S        Devine, H    Donnelly, W. Donovan M   Doupe M       

Dougall, D    Dougall D.  Doyle L        Doyle M     Drennan Ch.   Dunlay C


              Eggett J    Eggleton B   Eggleton A  Ellis R    Emmory M  Emory W   Emory W   Emory W   Empey G


             Farrell H.   Fenton, M Finnegan, M Fitzpatrick   Fletcher, J   Flynn, E   Flynn S   Flynn, Wm   

Foley L     Forestell, H   French J    Froats C.    Frost, C


                 Gawley T    Gawley T   George H    GillenClairmont Gillen D        Gillen J       

Gladney, C. W. Gladney W. Gladney Hickey J.C

Goodchild C  Goodchild W Gordanier L Grant A    Grant A        Grant A        Grant F       Gray C        Gray E

Gray C           Gray F         Gray J         Gray P       Gray Wm        Green J      Green L