Deloro Ice Rink 1936

Thanks to the James O'Neill Hughes family for their generous donation of Mr. Hughes' glove, memorial baseball and souvenir watch,  now on display at the Marmora Historical Foundation

The Deloro Sports Gallery

Deloro was known for its sporting activities during the peak years under the coaching of the late R.A. Elliot,  who was at that time,  the plant superintendent.  The greatest baseball team of 1925-29 took honours of first place in intermediates and then went on to the Senior Central Ontario League,  where they played against teams from Belleville, Peterborough,  Kingston,  Oshawa and Point Anne.

R.A. Elliott,  the General Manager of the Deloro Smelting and Refining Co.,  was President of the Ontario Baseball Association from 1930-1931.



Intimate Little Sketches of
the members of the Victorious Team - 1926

James O'Neill Hughes-first base-is a Marmora boy. He started with Marmora Juniors and made good right from the first game he played in Intermediate baseball. Jimmie throws from the port-side and is an exceptionally good

F. Leal- pitcher-has a name Cor his steadiness and coolness when in the box. Frank has been twirling around Marmora and Deloro for years. He threw some very good baseball in France during the war. The 1926 season turned out to be one of his best and his subjection of the Bridgeburg team was masterly.

J. Quinn-catcher-is from Kingston where he played before coming to Deloro. He fills out a baseball team who are playing for its good as a whole. He is certainly one of the most popular of captains and as modest as you find them.

W. Regan (Bill) held down the hot corner of the infield and acted as Mr. Elliott's assistant. A strong thrower and a powerful hitter, he filled the hardest position on a baseball team to the satisfaction of all. He played all his baseball around Deloro and Marmora.

J. Shea-pitcher-learned all his baseball in Deloro, coming here from Stirling. As a speed ball thrower, he is improving yearly and shows his true worth when be is in a tight position.


W. Ralph-pitcher-is a very good example of a steady port-sided twirler. Bill comes all the way from Renfrew, and, contrary to the ordinary run of pitchers,  is an exceptionally good batter, being used in the capacity or pinch-hitter in almost every game during the season.


A. S. (Bert) Brown has lived all his years in the vicinity of .Deloro and commenced his baseball career with Marmora Juniors, graduating from there to the Intermediate ranks. Bert developed into a smart left fielder
and a timely hitter.

Jack Bond hails from Toronto and is a fast centre-fielder. Besides his baseball ability be has excelled in other sports, being on Canadian Champion teams in rugby and rowing while he has had his share of hockey and boxing. At present he is studying law at Osgoode Hall.

Walter Shultz -  certainly has his
position as a utility man which is saying a lot. Walter was a base baller for years and as an all-round brainy ball player holds down one of the most difficult places on a team.

H. Boudreau -right-fielder-has very few equals in Intermediate baseball. He has a first class whip to the plate and is a dangerous hitter. He started his baseball in the Province of Quebec. He takes his turn behind the plate and is no mean receiver.

Vaughn Jack -short-stop-is a fast infielder, a speedy base-runner and a consistent hitter. "Murph" handles his chances and makes his pegs in a decisive manner. He learned his baseball in Renfrew. He takes well to ice in winter.


A. F. Quinn-second base-makes things pretty lively around the keystone sack. He attends Queen's University and played most of his baseball in Kingston. With the other three members of the infield,  he completes a quartette which is hard to better in amateur ball.

A. Vachon - outfielder - is a peppy French kid who comes from Montreal. "Shorty" has the ability to become a very good outfielder. He also adds, to the string of port-slders on the
Deloro outfit.

R. Murray-catcher - formerly caught for Cobalt in the Northern Ontario Baseball League. Ray didn't get into very many games this year,being troubled with his shoulder, but made his presence felt in whatever engagements he took part in.

N, Narrie-short-stop-  is just jumping from Junior ranks and is a very good infield. "Nor" promises to make them all step for their positions in a couple of seasons.

Deloro Soccor Team1930

Deloro Soccer - 1933

The following is an excerpt from "Chasing the Comet", the stories of   David Caldow, a Scottish immigrant in Canada,  as written by biographer,  Patricia Koretchuk. 

Chapter 4, "A Detour Through Hell"  deals with his experience in Deloro 1927

"One of his (R.E. Elliot's) company cars was an expensive McLaughlin Buick, a touring car about eight years old, with a top that folded down. He allowed the company baseball team to use it. This may seem a strange thing for the manager to do, but members of the Deloro Smelters were given first-class treatment because they were the village's chief source of entertainment and even fame. They played in the Trent Valley League, against the small towns of Madoc, Marmora, Tweed, and Havelock.

The Deloro Mining and Smelting Company hired very talented amateur players, often university students, from Ontario and Quebec." Though officially on the company payroll, baseball players were required to do very little work at the plant. The company's investment in the team paid off, because eventually, the Deloro baseball team won the Ontario Intermediate A Championship, then went on to the Senior Central Ontario League, challenging teams from Oshawa, Kingston, Peterborough, and Belleville."

Deloro Hardball Team1914

Deloro Football Team1914

Deloro Soccor Team 1930
Front row left: Tommy Cousins, right end, Bill Brown, next to him, George Brooks. Second row, left, Norman Hipson.

From Brenda Brooks:
"George Brooks, my father, who came to Deloro 1923, and in 1922 he played for the Bognor Rocks in England and won the 1922 Championship in Soccer."

Wayne VanVolkenburg writes: Middle row left end is my grandfather Norman Hipson. He came to Marmora in 1928... so the photo is 1928 or later.

R. A. Elliott- general manager of the Deloro Smelting and Refining Company is also manager of the team.  He is an old ball player who understands the game and above all. how to handle players. He commands respect from all his men and his word is final. He is also a member of Queen's University's Athletic Board of Control and that conveys everything that need be said.