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Materials on this website were produced and/or compiled by the Marmora Historical Foundation (MHF)for the purposes of providing the public with information about the MHF's programs and services and to further the MHF’s mandate to communicate to the public humanity’s cultural and natural history. The term “materials” includes all or any information, artwork, text, video, audio, animation or image files.

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The MHF’s website comprises and contains copyrighted works. Copyright in such works remains with the Marmora Historical Foundation and other copyright owners. The works are protected by the Copyright Act, and the regulations thereunder, and by similar laws in other countries.

Information on this website has been posted with the intent that it be readily available for non-commercial, personal use only. Personal users may download, copy or share the material under the following conditions:

 a)   The material must not be modified, must retain any associated copyright    or other proprietary notices, and must acknowledge the source of the material. b)  The source citations should include the URL www.marmorahistory.ca

c)   Users must adhere to any additional terms and restrictions that may appear on individual pages of the website.

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 Permission for such use is granted on a case-by-case basis and at the sole discretion of the MHF.

* Definition of commercial use:

MHF material used in a product produced by a commercial entity or by a non-profit entity for profit-making, commercial purposes or a product produced and distributed free of charge, at cost, or at a minimal charge generally by a non-profit organization.

For information on and permission to use MHF images, including licensing requests, and other MHF media such as film or video, please contact:

The Marmora Historical Foundation,

Third-Party Materials

 The MHF has taken all reasonable efforts to ensure that materials, for which copyright belongs to others, are reproduced on the MHF’s website with the full consent of the copyright owners. The MHF does not warrant that the use of materials displayed in the website will not infringe the rights of third parties. Such works may not be used in any form; they may not be copied or downloaded without prior permission from the third party.


The trade-marks of third parties may also be displayed on the website. Use cannot be made of such trade-marks,  or of the  MHF logo without the express written permission of the MHF or when applicable, the third party. Any queries in this respect should also be addressed to the contact noted above.