May 29, 2012        THE TORONTO SUN REPORTS:

OTTAWA — The second-fastest growing segment of Canada's population is people over 100.

In 2011, there were 5,825 Canadians over 100 years old, up 25.7% since 2006.   "Why do we have more centenarians now? It's really about the increase in life expectancy," said Johanne Denis, a director in the demographics division at Statistics Canada.

The data crunching agency projects that by 2061, there will be 78,300 Canadians who have lived for more than a century.  Women make up the bulk of Canadian centenarians. The census counted 4,870 women over 100, compared to 955 men.

JOHN DAVIDSON     died at 103, on July 31, 2018.

Saskatchewan far outstrips all other provinces for its rate of people over 100 in Canada. Its rate is double the national average and edging close to Japan's.  Japan ranks No. 1 out of all the G8 countries in terms of the rate of centenarians in its population. Canada is slightly below the G8 average, while Russia ranks last.




Mrs. Bell (Fraleck)    1786 to approximately 1886

111 Years Old

House of Refuge, Belleville.jpg

JULIAN TERRION,  who was a resident of Marmora,  died an inmate of the County House of Refuge,  on Feb. 18, 1909.  He was born in Quebec Province in 1798,  making him 111 years old.

Julius Bedore.jpg


JOHN FAIR - 1827 to approximately 1927


JULIUS BEDORE 104 Years old - 1869 - 1973

Mr. Julius Bedore,  whose life span is almost a personal parallel to Canada's  'nationalhood',  died at the age of 104.  He had been in good health until a short time before his death,  and was affectionately known as the Grand Old Man of Hastings Manor,  where he had spent his latter years.

Born and educated in Marmora Township when it was a pioneering settlement,  son of the late Michael Bedore and Catherine Terrion,   he was one year younger than Canada itself.

When he was born the British Empire had still to reach its zenith,  the west was awaiting settlement and  the last spike in the Canadian Pacific Railway would be driven 17 years later.  As a centenarian,  he saw many inventions - the aircraft, radio, the automobile, telephone  and commercial electricity.  At 101 he watched the first man walk on the moon and said "it was one of the most wonderful things that ever happened."

A sawyer by trade,  Mr. Bedore worked for many years for the Pearce Lumber Co.  and the G.B. Airhart and Son Lumber Company of this area.

One of eleven children,  Mr. Julius Bedore was the last surviving member of a long living family.  His father   MIchael, who came to this area from  Quebec and was Marmora's first shoemaker,  died at the age of 96.  Three other sons,  Alex, George and Frank,  died at ages 81, 98 and 99and two daughters lived to be 96.

His wife,  the former Lillian Jones,  and only son, Wilbert,  predeceased him.

He is survived by seven daughters,  Mrs. S.C. Boyd (Margaret) of Belleville,  Mrs. J. Barradell (Claire) Florida,  Mrs. J. Gordon (Mamie), Florida,  Mrs. F. Feeney (Eilien) Vancouver,  Mrs. R.J. Brophy (Muriel)  Montreal,  Mrs. J. Berg (Mildred) Bermuda and Mrs C. Watson (Merrell of Stirling.

Mr. Bedore also leaves 21 grandchildren and 65 great-grandchildren and 18 great-great-grandchildren.  His descendants total 105 - one for each year he lived.


John Wolfe 1782 - 1885 103 years old

Buried in the Catholic cemetery, John Wolfe’s head stone reveals he lived to 103. In that time, he emigrated from Cork Ireland, bought Crown Land ordered sold by the Imperial parliament in 1827. (Lot 8 Concession 7 in the Township of Marmora) and settled in to have nine children. Marmora became populated with names such as O’Connor, O’Neill, Maloney, O’Keefe and McGrath.

According to historian, Freeman, John was known to be a distrant relative of General Wolfe who took Quebec

John’s son, Richard, was murdered near the Marmora Railway station in 1874, which was named after him.

URENA (McWILLIAMS) PINNER   105 Years old   1853-1958


FANNIE VILNEFF 101 years old     1880-1981



102 Years Old        THEDA VANVOLKENBURG BADGELY MAGEE was born on January 21, 1898 on a farm in Belmont Township, North of the village of Cordova.  She attended the Cordova School and married George Wesley Badgley on Oct. 30, 1916. Her first child died at birth and then Verdon was born on Oct.11, 1918. Her husband George died on Oct.21, 1918, a victim of the world wide influenza epidemic.

Verdon lived on his grandparent’s farm while Theda looked for employ- ment and established herself in Oshawa. Here she met William Magee and they were married on Nov.5, 1921.  Bill, a veteran of WW1, was employed at General Motors. At one point in time, they owned and operated a small gas station which Theda helped manage.

They tried, unsuccessfully, to have more children and lost three more children at birth.  Tragically, Verdon, the only surviving child, died serving in WW2.

            Theda and Bill travelled extensively and on two occasions visited Verdon's gravesite in Italy.  They owned a cottage for several years, along the North shore of Crowe Lake. Their lake neighbours at the time were the Vanstone family and the parents of Helen Bobyk.

After Bill's death in 1970, Theda moved to an apartment in Oshawa and lived independently till she was in her late 90's. Theda remained a great source of information for family research even in the later part of her life.  She kept active and still bowled when she was in her 90’s.  She eventually moved into a senior’s residence where she resided until her death on Oct.18, 2000. 


ROYAL KEYS  1824-1931

Living  on part of Lot 11, of the 7th Con., was Marmora's only  1927 centenarian, as far as known, Royal Keys, at the time of Confederation, 103 years old, dying four years later at the great age of 107 years, 1 month and 26 days.


FLORENCE FLUKE 1893 to approximately 1993



100 years old              April 1915 to January 2016

Lillian Jeanette Campbell   was a young teenager, her widowed mother married James Parker, who was originally from Stirling. At this point, Lillian and her children moved to Toronto where Mr. Parker then resided. Mr. Parker had previously purchased his cottage (later named Ardrossan) on Marble Point Road from local banker, A.W. Carscallen, his former father-in-law. Thus began Jeannette's connection with Marmora and Crowe Lake.  Click here to read the whole story.


JOHN DOYLE   June 1884 to April 1986

101 Years Old 1879-1980          Maude Hogan O'Connor