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1969--Rev.-John-Lombard,--Anglican & Rev.-gerald kemp, free methodist

The Free Methodist Church is a denomination of Methodism, which is a branch of Protestantism. It was founded in 1860 in New York by a group, led by B. T. Roberts, who was defrocked in the Methodist Episcopal Church for criticisms of the spiritual laxness of the church hierarchy. The Free Methodists are so named because they believed it was improper to charge for better seats in pews closer to the pulpit. They also opposed slavery and supported freedom for all slaves in the United States, while many Methodists in the South at that time did not actively oppose slavery. Beyond that, they advocated "freedom" from secret societies (e.g., Freemasons), which had allegedly undermined parts of the Methodist Episcopal Church.


Oliver Airhart- 1852-1933

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The Epwoth League

In early 1920's,  Nellie Smith, a Marmora Public School Teacher was president.

The Epworth League is a Methodist young adult association for individuals ages 18–35. It traces back to the founding of the organization by the United Methodist Church's predecessor denomination, the Methodist Episcopal Church, formed in 1889 at Cleveland, Ohio, by the combination of five currently existing young people's organizations. At its conception, the purpose of the League was the promotion of intelligent and vital piety among the young people of the Church: