Car accidents,  drownings, fires, murders, shooting,  suicides, train accidents and other bizarre tragedies.


Fatal Injury of Leo (Arno) Renard -  Charges Against George Vilneff Were Withdrawn -Jan 1935 Click here to read story


Brian Uniake



Elliott Smash up Banker son in Belleville - NO DATE, BUT CAR IN BACKGROUND GIVES A HINT

                                                        1939  Fred Cooper


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Stewart Airhart 1921 Lightening Strike

Teacher Freezes to Death
Walking in Sleep

February 16, 1937
The village of Marmora was shocked early this morning on hearing of the death of Miss Hilda Thompson, 29 year old member of the Marmora Public School staff who was found dead from exposure on ice covered land between the village skating rink and Crowe River. The body was found about 4 a.m. by a search party composed of Constable P. Gray, F. S. Johnston, T. R. Wells, N. Mumby and W. C. Spry.

Missed from her room about 2 o'clock, F. S. Johnston, a neighbor
was notified, who in turn got in touch with Constable Gray and a search party was quickly organized. The deceased girl was clad only in her night attire and it is believed while sleep walking she walked into the river but made her way to the shore for the body was found a distance
from the river bank. Suffering from a nervous breakdown, the late Miss Thompson had been granted leave of absence from her school duties.
A daughter of Dr. David and Mrs. Thompson of the village, she leaves to mourn the loss, one sister Jean of New York City and brother James at home. She was an ardent member of St.Andrew's United Church and deeply interested in the welfare of children.
Marmora Herald

1995 Tree falls on Rodine House

Myers family escapes carbon monoxide poisoning

1970 Dalton Vilneff - Injured by Falling Tree

1970  dalton vilneff

Sept 29, 1932  COLIN CHISHOLM  
A former popular resident of Marmora
passed away under most distressing
circumstances at his home on the
6th concession of Sidney last Thursday
in the person of Colin Chisholm. The deceased had been in poor health
recently, but kept around assisting
with the work on his farm. Thursday
morning he went out to feed his pigs
and when he had not returned to the
house by noon his sister went to look
for him and found him with his head
in a whey barrel.
There was evidence that he had been
sitting on a bag of feed along side the
barrel and when he got up he fell striking
his head on the barrel, as there was
a bruise on the top of his head. The
fact there was no whey or water in his
lungs would also indi.catethat he had
expired as he fell head first into the
barrel. Dr. McMullen, of Frankford,
was called and pronounced life extinct.
The Provincial police investigated and
decided an inquest was unnecessary.
The late Colin Chisholm was forty-three
years of age and most of his life was
spent on the ehishotm farm just south
of the village. He was always very
popular here, his kindly cheerful disposition
winning him numerous friends.
He is survived by two brothers, Murney
and Clarence and one sister, Miss Eliza
Chisholm. He was unmarried.The funeral   was held Saturday forenoon, service being conducted at his home after which the remains were brought to Marmora
Protestant cemetery for interment.

James Leonard Found in Well, 1934

1921 - Mrs. M. Fitzpatrick Fatally Killed by Horse at Fair

1927  Arthur Smith Killed at Bake Shop

1931 Frank Dayton fatally injured by dynamite

Marmora Herald   March 12, 1936

Bert Gray,  four year old son of Mrs. Percy Gray,  had the ends cut off three of this fingers last Friday.  He undertook to cut some kindling. Don Smith,  a year older than Bert,  wielded the axe while he held the block upright.  Unfortunately the axe came down on Bert's fingers,  cutting off the end of his mitt,  along with the three fingers.

1936 Gerald Smith caught in machinery and killed

1940 Donald Ellis is killed by dynamite

July 18, 1935 -  William Murphy -Flying hammer head

A shocking accident occurred on Tuesday
afternoon as a result of which Miss Susie Flynn lost her life. She was alone at her home at the time and was doing a washing. Owing to
the pump not working, the water was drawn from the cistern through a trap door in the floor. After drawing water she had apparently left the trap door open and in carrying on her work in some way had stepped back, falling into the cistern. It appears that in falling she tried to catch a chair, as a chair was knocked over near
the opening to the cistern. The water
in the cistern was only about four feet deep, but the walls of the cistern were about seven feet high, so that it was impossible to get out without assistance.
Evidently Miss Flynn lived for some time
after falling in the water as her hands and knees were bruised and torn by the desperate efforts she had made to escape.

Her aged mother, who lived with her, had gone for the day to the home of her son Edward, who was ill, and her brother
John, for whom she kept house, was driving
the mail route that day for Edward, owing to the latter's illness. On his way round he stopped at the house and he discovered the tragedy. Relatives and
friends were at once notified and also the
Coroner, Dr. Harper, of Madoc. After visiting the scene of the accident, and learning the particulars as nearly as they could be determined, the Coroner decided an inquest was unnecessary.
The deceased was a daughter of the late
David Flynn and Mrs. Flynn. Besides her
aged mother, who is seventy-eight years
old, she is survived by six brothers and four sisters. They are Davi.d and James,of Deloraine, Manitoba, Patrick of Seymour Township; William, of Marmora; John and Edward of Marmora Township; Mrs. John Sullivan and Mrs. John McCullough, of Marmora, Mrs. Alphonse Madden, of Peterboro, and Mrs. Harry Warren, of Marmora Township.
The sympathy of the whole community will
go out to the bereaved family in their trouble. A large number of friends will also deeply regret the passing of one who
was esteemed for her ready sympathy and
many admirable qualities.
March 17, 1921

1924 Harry Wallace Warren Electrocuted


November 5, 1936  Maurice McInroy Falls

Early Sunday afternoon Maurice Mclnroy, younger son of Mr. andMrs. Donald Mclnroy, fell from a swing in Mr. Wilbert Bedore's yard. He landed on his head sustaining injuries which proved fatal. Following the accident he was taken into the horne of Mr. Bedore and a doctor was called. As the injured lad failed to respond to medical treatment, about 5 o'clock he was taken to Belleville General Hospital by Dr. R. Taft, but passed away shortly after entering the hospital. He was in his ninth year and was a pupil of Marmora Public School and St. Paul's Sunday School. About three years ago the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mclnroy passed away and the sympathy of the community goes out to them in their bereavement. The funeral was held on Tuesday afternoon and was attended by a large number of school children as well as adults. Service was conducted in St. Paul's Church by Rev. A. B. Caldwell and interment took place in Marmora Protestant Cemetery.

1938    Mrs. Sandford Lawrence's house struck by lightening