“There is something about the situation of Marmora that leads one to seriously reflect that the Creator would be somewhat disappointed if man had not built it here.” 
- Editor  Marmora Herald, 1924


For over thirty years, the Marmora Historical Foundation has been a part of our community. We thank our curator, Cathie Jones, and as well, all of those kind contributors who know that our past is too precious to be allowed to just slip away. 

This website shows some of the donations in our collection. Keep them coming. It's only a matter of time until it's history!

A final thank you to the Toronto Dominion Bank, and its many managers who have kindly provided the space for our collection and our home in town.


Who Are The Miners In Our Logo? 

They are taken from a sketch by Susanna Moodie called "The First Mine in Ontario at Marmora"

Well,  it  IS  history,  after all....

Don't miss the new window display at the Marmora Historical Foundation, a tribute to  Scouting and Guiding

Comments from our viewers on the new site:

"Thanks Ladies! You've done a fantastic job - very proud of your accomplishments - appears as if Celie has been busy here - was great of Anne to get these valuable collections on computer - & Cathie for safeguarding so many precious items over the years.
All the best to all! "   - from Wilma Bush

"My sincerest thank you to all of those involved in getting this web site up and running and to those who keep up the facebook page, I look forward to looking at the pictures and the names. I moved to Marmora in 1978 and lived there until 2000 when I moved closer to work; I still have friends and family there and close by and try to get up there once in a while. " - from Wendy Danford

"I have seen quite a few websites in my efforts to trace my family tree but this is superior to any that I have seen. Absolutely excellent; ;I'm just delighted that the town where my ancestors settled in 1842 has provided such a great repository for the public to preserve the history of this area. Thank you!" - from Janet Long