“There is something about the situation of Marmora that leads one to seriously reflect that the Creator would be somewhat disappointed if man had not built it here.” 
- Editor  Marmora Herald, 1924


For over thirty years, the Marmora Historical Foundation has been a part of our community. We thank our curator, Cathie Jones, and as well, all of those kind contributors who know that our past is too precious to be allowed to just slip away. 

This website shows some of the donations in our collection. Keep them coming. It's only a matter of time until it's history!

A final thank you to the Toronto Dominion Bank, and its many managers who have kindly provided the space for our collection and our home in town

Who Are The Miners In Our Logo? 

They are taken from a sketch by Susanna Moodie called "The First Mine in Ontario at Marmora"

Meet Your Host

This is Archives the cat. She is the Marmora Historical Foundation's tour guide. Please enjoy her company along your journey through our site, and feel free to stop by and see her when you are in town.

Tour the schools of Marmora & Deloro.  Read original documents,  peruse the class photos.  Help us fill in the missing names!

Shanick SS #10

Mystery photo

Can you name this person?


Note to all

Check out the Marmora & Lake Library website http://www.marmoralibrary.ca. Click on the Langley Archives..a number of old newspapers-  1906-current. Click on the magnifying glass and type in your family name...or any other....you will see all the newspaper articles that include that name! Have fun researching your family.. spread the news - great fun!


Marmora 1936-1939 

An Old Film by Mr. Franklin



We planning, over the next two weeks to feature our historical houses,  one by one.  Here's the second one.

                           5 Bursthall Street                                The  Josiah Pearce/ William Shannon house

Click the picture to find out more.

Click here to see the houses we're going to cover.


This week's new talent:

Peter and Gabriella Hamley-Photographers      See their slide show         - click here



Keep in mind!  If you are a regular contributor of photos to this site, (more than three photos), you can now have your own gallery.                                   Have a look   Click here                           or if you have stories with your pictures,    you'll find them posted in "Your stories"                            Click here


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We're starting to get lots of mail, so we thought we'd add a new title


From Suzanne Copeland,  Principal of the Senior School..

The Beaver Creek Bridge

These lovely photos taken by David Baele,  visiting from Belgium.  He heard the bridge is going to be replaced and wanted to photograph it......

Photos by Davillusion

Photos by Davillusion

From Wayne Van Volkenburg:

Wayne VanVolkenburg, Mike Auger, Jim Bedore, Brian Goodchild and Tony Galloway, receiving Queen's Scout Award