Marmora High School  1951-1968

Marmora Senior School  1968 to 2018 when Jr. school included



1957 Marmora High School Dr. Parkin an Clayton Ellis

1957 Marmora High School Dr. Parkin an Clayton Ellis


 H. A. McNally, Marmora Representative - Nov 16, 1951

Preparations for the official opening of the new Marmora High School may be said to have begun several years ago.,

1956-1957 Marmora High School , Home Economics, Helen Hulsman, Mario Wells, Marilyn Grade 12 Fox, Janie Fox, Patricia Spry, Soili Lassila

The Marmora High School Trustees for the last 20 years have all worked hard to show  the Ontario Department of Education that a new High School in Marmora was warranted and necessary. The chief reason for delay.was that the Ontario Depart- ment of Education had plans to form larger school areas and they wished to include Marmora in this new plan.

In 1946 an architect's plan for a new 5 grade High School in Marmora, which included Agriculture, Shop and Home Economics was approved  by the  Department of Education.

The estimated cost at that. time  was $95,000.00 and the Village of Marmora was prepared to finance it. However, the building was not allowed to go ahead due to insufficient pupils and assessment.  The Centre Hastings High School Area was formed and operations begun on January 1st. 1949.  There was now no reason for any further delay.  The new board was all in agreement that the new High School for Marmora be proceeded with.

The necessary steps to obtain and build a new school were taken by the board and the original plan was to have it in operation September 1950. Again, unavoidable delays occurred and the school was not ready to open until September 1951.

The final Department approved cost of the New High School was $180,000.00.-This was arranged by obtaining debentures of $13,200.00 per year, for a 'period of 20 years.   Of this amount, due to generous Ontario Government grnts  of approximately 80%, the net amount that it is necessary to raise  by taxation each year is $2,640.00.

On the present assessment of the district, this means that the cost of the New Marmora High School to the district ratepayers is less than 1/2 mill.   The expenditure of this money for a properly  equipped and modern school seems to be very reasonable and necessary for present day operations.

The Marmora Township,  Deloro and Marmora representatives wish to acknowledge the co-operation received  from the other board members on this New Marmora High School project which allows this official opening to take place this evening


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1956-1957 Staff, Leighton McGuinnes, Leonard Begley Principal, Harry Jenkins, Jack Doran, Muriel Swayne , Helen Brady, Patricia Tockl, Anne Nickle

Alan Grant and David Hunt 1959 Higth school initiation.png



Jean Jenkins - teacher

Patti Shaughnessy wrote to say: Mr. & Mrs. Jenkins were both good influences in my life.  Mr. Jenkins loved my story's so gave me great marks in History, even though the essay's were full of how I imagined events in history did or should have gone. Mrs. Jenkins helped steer me towards being a strong independent woman. As I remember, there was a bit of gossip about both of them, but I put it down to small town mentality.

Terry Bell added: One of my high school teachers,as well as her husband Harry and the daughter. Had my problems with each of them,but God bless them,they were good people.

Janice Campion and Harold Maloney

1950s In the gym

Paul O'connor wrote:  ,I was in the final graduating class of 68 for dear old M.H.S. It was inevitable-think there were only 118 students at the time-I remember taking both Math A and B.-Vaughan Glover and I were the only 2 students in math B.(basically tutored by Doctor Doctor(Percy) I went on to U.of T. in the fall and met a great lady from Chicago who,  a couple of years later,  treated me to a Notre Dame/Southern Cal football game in South Bend Indiana.When the "Irish" scored their first td,  the band played their signature song-I jumped up and said-you stole our song!  "More beer ,more beer for old Marmora high,bring on the cocktails ,bring on the rye."   The 118,000 in the stands thought I was crazy-Katie explained to me that ,in fact,chances were better that we had taken their lilt for our own purpose.(oh well) .

Jean Workman teacher in 1950 s

Stan Hawthorne, teacher in 1950 s and old arena

Stan Hawthorne, teacher in 1950 s and old arena

Sandy Fraser in High School jacket

Principal Mr mcguinnis

ON March 23, 2019, Glenn McGinnis wrote ”I enjoyed the story and pictures of Marmora High School. Although I never attended it, my father Leighton McGinnis taught there from 1949 until 1961. We lived in a house right beside the school, in fact it was owned by the school so even though we were in public school, we spent a lot of time around the high school. I remember that Mister Jenkins coached the football team and gave some of us kids a few old leather football helmets, and we played for hours on the lawn in front of the school.”

1962 Chaparones at high school formal, Lois Shatford, Bob Shatford, Helen Jones, Sally Jones

Leo Darrah, Bill Cronkright, Guy Belanger, Bill Sabine

Marmora High School, teachers, Helen Brady, J.R. Jenkins A.T. Ashley

Barb Callfas Duff  writes of Harry Moffatt:  " A wonderful man!!! His wife (Jessie Moffatt) was born in one of the farms where I used to live on Huff Road...he used to bring her to the farm so she could enjoy the memories. Both of these people are kind, caring considerate people."

Harry Moffatt

Harry moffatt upon retirement with wife, Jessie


Shop tacher Joe MacCauley & Bill mumby, 1977

Remembering  Agnes Loveless

Joe MacCauley assisting at snofest

Kristin Mulligan :He taught me wood shop. But he also taught me grade six math. He organized a class-wide cribbage tournament to help us all learn to count better/faster/think on our feet. The winner won a homemade crib board from him...I still have it Mr. MacCauley!


Mr. Ayres, Janitor at senior school 1977


Timothy Cowan writes:  My Grandfather Ron Catling on the right. This picture was taken at the Marmora Senior school where he taught a woodworking class at night for adults.



Warren Meredith I remember she thought I was talking in class she came over grabbed me by my earlobe and dragged me to principals office.... lucky bugger behind me got off easy!

Patricia Villeneuve: I loved her, if it wasn't for Mrs. loveless i would have failed a class, she helped me in so many ways.... I miss you so much

Tony Tapper: She was one of my teacher's in 1978 when we moved to Marmora . Good ole days !

Elizabeth Sam Kelly: I remember her grade 7 social studies class

Mae Cuddy: Everyone loved Ag...especially my David!

Julie Mckenzie-Post: Super lady. Easy to talk to. Great teacher.




Rob Taylor Principal 1992