Marmora's first school was in the stone building on the Crowe River which later became the soap factory.  The building  at 10 Hayes St. was Marmora's  second school, later lived in by  Mrs. Sadie Auger.

The front hall,  the Junior room,   was  four rows across and 3 or 4 rows deep.  Each seat held 2 pupils.  The desks were attached to the seats in front. Behind these front seats,  the floor was  built in steps  with  two long desks and a long seat holding perhaps 6 or 7 children.  There were three aisles, one in the centre and one on each side.  The children in the back seats were up in the air.

The smaller children sat in the front seats and the bigger ones in the long seats in the back.  Slates were used for lesson work.  The cat-o-nine tails were used very frequently.

(Taken from " Marmora at the Turn of the Century" by Grace Warren)

10 Hayes Street                                                                     July 2015

Pearl McCaw FrankoADDED:  " The Sweets lived there when we were young. We lived next door."