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German Innovation at Its Best

Tara Sieg wrote to tell us this story:

My Oma and Opa (Grandmother and Grandfather), Gertrude and Felix Hainle, moved to Marmora in 1970 from Toronto (originally from Germany) and settled on an old Victorian farm. Opa needed a good vehicle to get around the Farm and couldn't afford a tractor so turned his 1963 VW Beetle into a 'jeep' of sorts! and then in 1981 made another Beetle double as a snow plough. He was innovative!

Their house on Station Road in Marmora turned it into a hub of friends and family where I grew up in the Summers meeting visitors from all over the world. Everyone worked hard to make 'the Farm' such a memorable place. Now Oma and Opa have passed and their ashes scattered at the Farm where my Uncle (Peter Hainle) continues the legacy. Opa was involved in Environmental and Outdoor pursuits and Oma was the best cook this side of Germany ;). Opa died in 1991 at 79 and Oma recently passed in 2016 at 95.