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The Shannon Family in Seattle by Allison Fay-Ebert

Our story begins in 1864 when James Crawford, born 1837 in Marmora, left home to travel to the Pacific Northwest. After spending a few years in Portland, Oregon, where he worked in a hardware store, James and his future business partner, W.A. Harrington, moved up the coast to Seattle which was in its infancy, having been settled just 11 years earlier

James Crawford

1882 Crawford & Harrington.jpg

The two partners set up their business, Crawford and Harrington's, on the corner of Second and Jackson. It measured 30 feet by 30 feet and was stocked via ships from San Francisco which moored at the Crawford & Harrington Wharf at the foot of Washington Street. In addition to stocking general merchandise, they also became Insurance Agents and were Wholesale Liqueur Dealers.

About 1872 James contracted Consumption, TB, and sent for his niece, Anna Shannon daughter of his sister, Margaret Crawford and Daniel Shannon, to take care of him. By 1880 James realized his health was failing and sold his share of the business for more than $100,000.00, a staggering amount at that time. He died December 7th 1883.

Over the next few years, Anna's three brothers and one sister joined Anna in Seattle.

Patrick Crawford Shannon , born 1853 Marmora,, Son of Daniel Shannon & Margaret Crawford

Summit School Seattle built by Patrick Shannon.JPG

Patrick Crawford Shannon and uncle James Crawford

Patrick Shannon , my great grandfather, was born in Marmora in 1853. He was the son of Daniel Shannon & Margaret Crawford and was a carpenter by trade. He built four homes in Marmora including Jim & Ida Mae Shannon's home at 55 Madoc Street. In Seattle, he built many magnificent homes and the Spring Street School on Capitol Hill. Patrick and his wife, Mary Ellen Dempsey who was born in Belleville in 1858 had two daughters and two sons. Anna Leah was born in Marmora in 1887.She died tragically at the age of 14 in Seattle. Joseph Eugene was born in Marmora in 1889, had two sons and died in 2014 in Seattle.  Donald James was born in Marmora in 1891. He never had children and died in Los Angeles in 1935. Madeleine Sarah, my grandmother, was born in Seattle in 1896 and died in Seattle in 1963.
William Alexander Shannon born in Marmora in 1857 and died in Seattle in 1924 was an early physician in Seattle.
James Crawford Shannon was born in Marmora in 1859 and died in Seattle in 1926. He was also a physician.
Lastly, Frances or Fannie Shannon as she was known was born in Marmora in 1861 and died in Seattle in 1923. Fannie never married and made numerous trips back to Marmora to visit family and friends.
As a result of their immigration, there are hundreds of Shannon descendants in the Pacific Northwest and environs.

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Margaret Crawford Shannon 1829-1890

Elizabeth Anne “Anna” Shannon Elliott 1855-1936.jpg