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The Sad Thomson Stories of 1937

Dr. David Thomson was one of Marmora’s doctors, practising from 1910 to 1933. His family included his wife, Mary, daughters, Hilda and Jean, and son, Jim. They lived in a yellow brick house on the south-east corner of #14 and #7, where our post office now sits. As a prominent member of the Village, and living in a beautiful home at the very centre of town, life seemed perfect for the doctor.

But 1937 was a year of darkness for the family. In November, the shocking news was released that his brother’s grave had been robbed. But that was nothing compared to December’s news that his daughter, HIlda had been found dead from exposure, in what appeared to be a suicide.

Nov. 11, 1937

Nov. 11, 1937

Dr. David Thomson, Hilda and mother, Mary, Mary Thomson, Daughter, Jean Dr. Thomson and son, Jim