Credit goes to Dr.  Donald Brearley of Belleville for a lot of the following information.

 Click here for his full account of Doctors in the Belleville area .


Doctor Luke Ernest Pomeroy was born in Tweed.  He owned the property on the corner of Forsyth & Matthew Streets (the bank property). On the property stood a small frame building, which was used as an office for his medical business, andbehind his office was his red brick residence which faced Matthew Street.

Dr. Pomeroy, B.A, M.D, C.M was a
graduate of Victoria College, Cobourg.  He took his Bachelorof Arts in 1883 at Buffalo and was a graduate of McGill University Medical School in 1886. He practiced for a time in Tweed and Marmora, but relocated in Buffalo, NY. He was a member of the Ontario Physicans and Surgeons, and the NY Munroe Medical Society.

By 1893, Dr. Pomeroy had moved his medical practice from his property situated at 32 Forsyth St.,  which he had sold to Mr. O'Neill. (click here for more on O'Neill) He set up in Stewart's Drug store at 4 Forsyth St.

He died in Corfu, Genesee County, New York on September 27, 1938, aged 78


Mrs. MacKechnie with "Jean" born 1910 and "Marjorie" born 1909 Photo appears to have been taken on west side of river opposite pearce mills. note pearce grist mill still standing.

Mrs. (Ada Maitland) Mackecknie was born in 1875

Dr Graeme Squire Mackechnie, son of Dr. Wiliam Greame Mackechnie born 1904, holding his eldest child, Ron.

                                                          Doctor Archibald MacDonald  1909-1910     Born in St, Andrews, Antigonis County, NS. Medical degree from Baltimore School of Medicine, graduated in 1901

David Bogart (1828-1910) was born in Adolphustown, Lennox & Addington County. He studied medicine and took his degree of Medical Doctor in New York City.He practiced first in Brighton, then in Carleton Place, Ontario; later, he was Surgeon to the iron mines at Marmora. He moved to Whitby about1872 where he conti nued his career; for many years he was Surgeon to the Grand Trunk Railway Company at Whitby. He was active in public service and in the early eighties was in the Town Council and Mayor of Whitby in 1884-1885. He was Surgeon of the 34th Regiment and was Medical Officer of Health for Whitby until failing health compelled him to Resign. Dr. Bogart died at Whitby on January 16, 1910, aged 82 years

(Brigadier-General Laurence Bogart was the son of Dr. David P. Bogart and his wife, Wilhelmina Bowles.)

Doctor William Graeme Mackechnie - 1907 - 1919- His office was located  on Victoria St. in the old high school, now gone and he resided at 5 Forsyth Street.    Born in Brighton,  he was a graduate of Trinity Medical College in 1895. After practicing in Marmora for some years, he went to Toronto where he engaged in private practice and served the staffs of the Toronto General Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children. He was an ear, nose and throat specialist. In about 1943, after 25 years of practice in Port of Spain, Trinidad, he returned to Toronto to retire and died on December 9, 1945, aged 76

(Marmora Herald Mar. 12, 1908 - Dr. MacKechnie's valuable Jersey cow died on Tuesday morning as a result, it is thought, of some kind of poison which was thrown from the office.)

Dr. William Graeme MacKechnie born 1868

Early Defibrillator

Doctor Henry M.Jones 

1908 to 1918 Office located at 3 Main St (now the home of Ray Merkley) He also ran a drug store at 4 Forsyth St.

Henry Mitchell Jones was born in the Barbados on August 6, 1844, son of Reverend Henry Jones and Ellen Lainchbury. He immigrated to Canada about 1861 and studied his medical courses at Queen’s University where he graduated in 1868.  After a short practice in Combermere, He spent his professional life at Marmora and took an active interest in the affairs of the village.

With his first wife, wife,  Elizabeth Bamber,  Dr. Jones had 3 children - Henry Clive,  born in 1873,  Frances Clare (1877-1883)  and Elizabeth Pearl (1884-1884).  OnJune 3,  1886,  Dr. Jones was remarried.  With his second wife,  Mary Fidlar Wilkinson,  he had four children:  Muriel Ellen,  Olive Marion,  Hubert Murray Jones and Charles Stewart Jones who married Emma Grant.  Dr. Henry Mitchell Jones died on March 26, 1923 aged 78 years 7 months and 20 days.  He was survived by his widow,  two daughters,  and two sons. One son was Hubert Jones,  who had a son named Owen Jones, living in Vancouver B.C.  in 1982

Doctor Allan Roy Dafoe  1908 assisted Dr. Mackenchnie in 1908

Dr. Dafoe was born at Madoc on May 29, 1883, son of Dr. William Allan Dafoe and Essa Van Dusen. He was educated in the schools of his home town and the University of Toronto, from which he graduated in Medicine in 1907. He married Bertha Louise Morrison on September 16, 1914. He had the hard life of a rural practitioner at Callander, Ontario, until May 28, 1934, when he attended at the birth of the Dionne Quintuplets. With skill and zeal he ministered to the five babies whose combined weight was 13 1/2 pounds; he became famous.   Dr. Dafoe had the honour of presenting his little patients to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth during their visit in 1939. He was given the Order of the British Empire. Dr. A. R. Dafoe died at North Bay on June 2, 1943, aged 60 years and 3 days

Dr. Dafoe & The Dionne Quintuplets

Doctor David Thomson   1910- 1933 - According to Ralph Neal,  Dr. Thomson lived in a yellow house on the south east corner of the main intersection in Marmora as seen in the background of this photo. (now a parking lot)   We also know he had his medical practice in the Memorial Building after it was built.   He also was Medical Officer of Health. For more on his family, CLICK HERE.

Mrs. Thomson standing far left

         Dr. Thomson and some medical friends spoofing it up, 1928

Marmora Herald Sept. 24, 1914          ENGINE BACKFIRED  

           Dr. Thomson broke his wrist on Tuesday as a result of the engine   backfiring when he went to crank his automobile.

Doctor Arthur Hamilton Crawford                   1912-1947    5/7 Forsyth St.

Grace Crawford daughter of Dr. Crawford.jpg

Arthur Hamilton Crawford was born at Toronto on July 24, 1875, son of Arthur Crawford and Esther Mosgrave. He was a graduate of the University of Toronto Medical School in 1901. Dr. Crawford established him self at Havelock, then, in 1912, removed to Marmora where he succeeded Dr. W.G. MacKechnie. He lived and practiced at 5 Forsyth St. He first married Helene Hay on May 25, 1911, she dying on May 21, 1919 of the flu; then Mary Maud Denike on August 18, 1923. Dr.Crawford served as the village Doctor for 35 years and was Physician to the Deloro Smelting and Refining Company. He was memorialized with the erection of the Dr. Hamilton Crawford Memorial Arena towards which the Company subscribed several thousand dollars. Dr. A. H. Crawford died in Marmora on September 11, 1951, aged 76 years.

Click here to read Gerald Belanger's article on Dr. Crawford (download pdf)

Doctor Pitcher worked with Dr. Crawford 1946-1947

Doctor Donevan worked with Dr. Crawford 1947-1950


Dr. Crawford (second from right) with Deloro employees. 3rd man from left is R.A. Elliot, Mine Manager.

Annmarie Willman-Spry wrote to say:   He saved my uncle's life upon birthing him so Mom's family named him Samuel Hamilton Gifford. He also bought them a goat for them as Uncle Sam was lactose intolerant but could tolerate goat's milk.

Doctors Marvin & Victoria Wellman 1933-34;   upstairs,  above library

Dr. Iona Victoria Wellman was born at Harold, Ontario on November 9, 1907 daughter of Arnold Wellman and Nancy Woodward. She graduated in medicine at the University of Toronto in 1932 and took post graduate studies in Toronto and Chicago. Dr. Wellman worked most of her career as a psychiatrist in the Ontario Hospital service until her retirement at D’ArcyPlace, Cobourg. She was recipient of the Centennial Medal, a life member of the Ontario psychiatric association and a member of the Order of the Eastern Star. Dr. Iona Victoria Wellman died at Cobourg on December 30, 1993 aged 86.

Dr. Wellman's two brothers,  bothborn in Harold,  were also doctors.  

Dr. Marvin Claire Wellman was born at Harold, Ontario on December 15, 1904 son of Arnold Wellman and Nancy Woodward. He graduated in medicine from the University of Toronto in 1931 and interned at the Oshawa General Hospital. During World War 11 Dr. Wellman served at the naval hospitals in Halifax, Newfoundland and Britain. He took post graduate work in psychiatry and was certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 1945. He served at the Ontario Hospital in Whitby and with the Royal Canadian Navy from 1941 to 1959 attaining the rank of Captain; from 1959 to the time of his death he was director of the Northeast Florida State Hospital. Dr. Marvin Claire Wellman died at MacClenny, Florida on May 22, 1970 aged 65 years 5 months 7 days.

Arnold Lorne Wellman was born at Harold, Hastings County, Ontario (1/2 way between Stirling and Marmora) on December 28, 1886, son of Arnold Wellman and Nancy Jane Woodward. He was a Graduate of the Medical School at the University of Toronto in 1912 as the Silver Medalist. Dr. Wellman was united in marriage on June 5, 1914 to Evelyn De Grande Carrique. He hung his shingle at Springbrook and Mildmay, Ontario, removing to Waterloo in 1921, where he remained in active practice until his retirement in 1949. Dr. Arnold Lorne Wellman died on May 20, 1971,aged 84 years, 4 months and 22 days.

Doctor Reginald Taft  - 1935-1937 -   

Dr. Reginald Earl Taft was born at Tweed, Ontario on November 22,1909 son of John Taft and Minnie Rosebush; he was the younger brother ofDr. Victor Leland Taft.  He was a graduate in medicine at Queen’s University in 1934 and he established himself in general practice at Marmora, Ontario; his address was 48 Forsyth Street and his telephone number was # 4. Dr. Reginald Earl Taft died at Kingston on August 30, 1965 aged 55 years 9 months 8 days.  he is buried in Cataraqui Cemetery in Kingston.


Dr. Taft's House  48 Forsyth Street, Marmora



Doctor Thomas F. McCarthy -1954 - 1961

Bonnie McCarthy, Dr. Tom McGarthy, Chuck Brady, Helen Brady, Ireland.jpg

Pat McCrodan wrote: "Doc McCarthy told me I had arsenic in my blood and to quit Deloro Smelting & Refining

Dr. Thomas F. McCarthy1955 Photo submitted by Ronald Barrons

Doctor Herbert G. Parkin           1950 - 1988   5/7 Forsyth St. "BEES,  TREES & FEES"               Doctor Parkin summed up his life on his gravestone.

PARKIN, Dr. Herbert Garfield - February 27, 1916 - July 15, 2007 -    born and raised in Kinsale, Ontario,  northwest of Whitby,  along Hwy. 7.  His family farm still sits on the Kinsale Rd., north of the highway.  His sister, Eileen,  was Bob Young's first wife.

Dr. Parkin taught school for seven years - in Cordova from Jan. 1940 - June 41, and then in Coe Hill,  after which he entered the Faculty of Medicine, Queen's University, graduating in 1949.  He completed his locum tenens with Dr. Donovan in Marmora and assisted the Red Cross in Apsley.  During the summer of 1950, Herb & Marg took over Dr. Crawford's practice and home at 5/7 Forsyth St., Marmora where Herbert practiced medicine with Marg's dedicated assistance for thirty-eight years (1950- 1988). He also acted as the company doctor for Deloro Smelting & Refining Co. & Bethlehem Steel,  along with Drs. McCarthy and Shatford.

He financed his medical studies at Queen's by selling honey comb from his bee hives at a time when sugar was rationed.)

The Dr. Parkin Living Centre named in his honour

In his 92nd year,  he passed away peacefully at the Belmont Long Term Care Facility in Belleville. Beloved husband of the late Margaret Eleanor McDonald. Son of the late Herbert George Parkin and the late Mabel Jane Pilkey. Predeceased by brothers William, Milton, Stanley and sister Eileen. Devoted father of Anna Lee Gordon (Les), late Herbert Ernest Parkin (Suz), Linda Louise Macdonald (late Ian), Mary Jane Goodchild (late Brian), and Margaret Rose (Peg) McComb (late Gary). Loving grandfather of Carey Lee Paches (Murray), Robert John Gordon, Bonnie Jean Gordon (Mark Palmer), Toby Parkin (Omar Punja), Trevor Parkin, Joshua Parkin (Jo), Andrew Macdonald, Jenny Mae Macdonald, (Jeff Chown), Tina Dorrans (Rosalyn), Jeannette Goodchild, Russell McComb, Jim McComb (Glenda). Great Grandfather of Robyn & Dale Paches, Marley Punja, Shelbie, Alison Bay, Olivia, & Carter Joshua Parkin and Eva McComb.

Memories of Dr. Herbert Parkin

  • Graham Bell : Don't think there's a Marmora kid that played any Sport that wasn't stitched, X-rayed or plastered by Doc Parkin......I bled all over the poor man on more than one occasion and he never did get angry about it. Respect Doc

  • .Suzan Mae Cuddy: I loved this man!!! He delivered my kids and always had time for me and my family AND made house calls. he came to my home and sat up half the night with me and 2 babies when my husband worked away. Never will we ever see this kind of dedication from him or from Margaret...his wife

  • Joan Deering : Paul Tis is the Doctor who brought you into this world.I was curling at the time and his wife was on my team. She used to say you were going to be born with a broom I your hand.

  • Wendy Danford : Dr. Parkin became my doctor when I moved to Marmora, I always liked when I had to go and see him, he always had time to talk, one of the times I was really ill and he knew what to do and turn things around right away, great Doctor!

  • Craig Hussey: Fond memories, I had to go visit the doctor after being pushed into a barbed wire fence and needed 14 stitches in my leg. The good doctor soaked a facecloth, put it in my mouth to bite down on and began stitching without any freezing, I will never forget the pain. I think I was around 12 to 14 years old .

  • Charmaine Nieman: Cured my mom and dad my brother and myself. I loved going to him. Sitting in his room /office sticking that think in our mouths the walked out the nice pink penicillin lol

  • Mike March: Thee best doctor, did and still has my respect

  • Sharon Anne Vesterfelt: He sure was a great man/doctor. I don't think too many left his office without a jar of honey!

  • Lorilei Wells Mayhew : Dr. Parkin kept his bees at my grandparents woods

  • Pearl McCaw Franko: A wonderful old fashioned doctor who actually made house calls.

  • Sherry Dingsdale: He had the best cough syrup!

  • Stew Brennand: Came to our house and delivered our baby girl, Joi Williams.

  • Antoinette Lamabe :THE BEST DR. EVER DR. PARKIN

  • Robin McKeown Captain: He was literally like a second father to me. I would not be here if not for him.

  • Jean Davis: I had great respect for this man . No Dr's around like him now.

  • Donalda Leonard: He was such a good man. He delivered me and my oldest daughter, Maxine

  • Carol Paranuik : He was the best! And he made good honey too!

  • Dianne Ray: He was a great man and was dedicated to Marmora

  • Mariette Marsh: He had penicillin for whatever ailed you

  • Kim Cembal: Doctors today could have learned something from him.

  • Joyce Brown: He delivered my son in 1986 in his office !!!!!

  • Brenda Geen: He put a few stitches in my head once.

  • Joanne MacKenzie Thompson: and delivered your babies too!!

  • Dave Foster: Every time I hear the word penicillin I think of Dr Parkin

Doctor Robert Chestnut Shatford 1953-1963

Obituary: It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Robert Shatford on December 28, 2014. Bob was born on December 20, 1922 in Halifax, NS. He was the only child of Arthur G. Shatford and Jeannette C. Bullock. He attended Rothesay Collegiate School in Rothesay, NB. After high school, Bob joined RC.NVR. In April 1944 he married Lois Miriam Griffith before going overseas to serve as Paymaster in Edinbugh, Scotland. After the war he enrolled in Dalhousie University and graduated in 1951 with a medical degree. Bob practiced medicine in Marmora, ON in the 1950's. In 1962 the family moved to Ottawa where Bob was a medical advisor for the Canadian Pension Commission. After his retirement in 1977, he and Lois led active lives, spending winters in Largo, Florida and summers in southern Ontario. Bob was an avid tennis and cribbage player. In 2006 they moved to Victoria, BC. He adored his wife Lois and Misty the cat. He was predeceased by his sons John Sidney Arthur and Mark Thomas. Bob was a true gentleman whose humble nature and quick wit will be fondly missed.

Doctor Stoc                               1953

Doctor Borroughs                          1964- 1966 took over from Doctor Shatford                            


Dr. Herbert Garfield Parkin

1957 Marmora High School  Dr. Parkin and Clayton Ellis

Dr. Parkin's son,  Dr. Herbert Parkin Jr.,  practiced medicine in British Columbia.  He spearheaded the provincial government's "CounterAttack"  program against drinking and driving.  He was a physician in the Royal Columbian Hospital for 15 years and died of cancer , Jan 4, 1987 at the age of 42.

Click here to read about Dr. Parkin Jr's crusade against drunk driving


Bees treesand fees

Dr Parkin financed his medical studies at Queen's by selling honey comb from his bee hives at a time when sugar was rationed.)


Dr. Parkin's shingle now hangs in  Farmtown Park, Stirling


Doctor Arun K.Dosaj  1979-present   at 3 Forsyth St.     

Arun, a graduate of the University of Glasgow (Scotland), has a long- standing family practice in Madoc. A member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and the Ontario Medical Association



1991 The Opening of the Marmora Medical Centre

  • DoctorJoel Wolinsky

  • DoctorTak Chang

  • Doctor Sinah 1992-1993 Medical Centre

  • Doctor Fisher 1992- 1993 Medical Center

  • Doctor Patricia Keeling 1993-1994 Medical Center

  • Doctor Lionel Noranha 1994-1999Medical Center

Osborne moved to Belleville where he formed a partnership with Doctor Robert Bates at 210 A. Front Street. Lionel decided to move to Stirling where he is the town's only family physician once Doctor Peter Briggs retired.

  • Doctor Osboume Noronha 1994-1999 Medical Center

  • Doctor Lizette Elumir 2001-2001Medical Center

  • Doctor Melissa Holowaty 2011- present Medical Centre

  • Doctor Anne Muscat 2012 - 2016



Dr. Thomas Edward Oliver,  Dentist, 1872-1913

Dentist -  Dr. Carl Wallace and his wife Kitty Wallace lived in the red brick Pearce house on Bursthall. They sold to Doctor Robert Chestnut Shatford and his wife Lois. They summered on Crowe Lake in the Pearce cottage,  which was purchased by Joe Cembal,   and they wintered in Bermuda. 

There is a story that Mrs. Wallace went to Ireland and bought Irish lace curtains for all the windows (and there are many in that house)  That winter they went to Bermuda,   Doc came home early and was lonely, so he got a kitten .He then thought the kitten was lonely so he got another.  It was not long after that he frantically phoned Helen Jones and Billie Pearce to come over to help him - .the kittens had shredded the curtains and could not be fixed. He had to face the music when Kitty returned home.                  Pat McCrodan added:  Sat in his chair,  wheels and belts spinning grinding holes in my teeth. Bob Shatford took over the house.

Doctor Watt of Stirling had a dental office upstairs at 18 Forsyth St. in 1914

Doctor K. Peter Culp & Dr Patricia Keeling (Dentists)     1993-1994Medical Center


 Dr. Robert Edward Lumsden , 1880-1957, vet, feed mill operator