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One tragic result of the flood in downtown Peterborough in 2004 was the discovery that a large portion of the historical Roy Photographic Studio collection, valued at over $8 million,  lay beneath almost one metre of water. Three generations of the Roy family had documented almost every facet of life in the Peterborough area from 1896 to 1992, making their collective works one of the most important such collections in Peterborough's history.

"FirstOnSite"   (known then as Rosco Group Document Restorations) was called in and 30,000 glass plate and other film negatives, related photographic material, and documents were loaded onto freezer trucks for transport to secured facilities where the complex and delicate restoration work began.  Two years later the job was completed. (Full story click here)

But the Roy Studio also produced hundreds of portraits from private sittings,  one of which was Alan Grant's grandmother,  Jen Hewitt,  of Marmora,  shown here at 18 years old.

Alan Grant is a son of Jack Grant,  about whom we have written on many occasions.

          To see more of the Alan Grant collection,                                        JUST CLICK HERE


Photo below (received from Janet Harper- Long) is another example of a Roy Studio portrait.  This is Mrs.  McKechnie,  wife of Dr. MacKechnie of Marmora.