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Reuben Sherwood, Marmora surveyor

The Crowe River's headwaters emerge from Paudash Lake, Cashel lake and numerous other small rivers to the north, including the Deer River and the Beaver creek. The Crowe's watershed covers 775 miles of Ontario Countryside including part of Hastings, Haliburton, Peterborough an Northumberland Counties. It is on surveyor Reuben Sherwood's map of 1815 that the Crowe River first appears named on a map. For a few years after, it was referred to as "Marmora Lake" and "Marmora River".

Reuben served as captain of guides on the St. Lawrence during the War of 1812. In February 1813, Americans raided Brockville and captured approximately 50 men including his younger brother, Adiel, a captain in the Leeds Militia. Through trickery, Reuben was able to capture two American officers and arrange for the release of his brother and another officer in exchange for their release.

For many years, Reuben earned his living as a government surveyor. His survey records are preserved in the Archives of Ontario.

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