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Roger Peckinpaugh in Marmora

Did you know that Roger Peckinpaugh had a cottage on Crowe Lake, Marmora?
Roger Peckinpaugh, from Cleveland, Ohio, a star of the American Baseball League, was considered an excellent defensive shortstop and strong leader. When he managed the Yankees, he became the youngest manager in MLB history. He was named American League Most Valuable Player in 1925. He played in the World Series three times: winning the 1924 World Series with the Senators, losing the 1921 World Series with the Yankees, and losing the 1925 World Series with the Senators.

Ralph Peckinpaugh, son of Roger .jpg

He had four sons; Roger b. 1912- d.1993, Walter b.1915- d. 2013, Ralph (in the photo) b.1918-d.1999, John b. 1930- d.2011

 Below: 1934  Boating Roger Peckinpaugh, Ford Woodhouse, Jean Gladney, Dorrie Marett, Walt Peckinpaugh, Lib Gladney