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Remembering Nov. 11

With Remembrance Day in mind,  Kevin Potter sent us this letter:

This a picture of our father,  Sid  Potter,   who served from 1944 to 1952.  Our parents  "landed " in Marmora from England via Toronto in 1954.  Sid worked as a millwright at the mine  from 1954 to 1974.   I and my four siblings (Steven, Malcolm, Janice and Jo-Anne) were raised in Marmora and have such  fond memories of growing up there. It was like our own Mayberry.

Our father passed away in May 2016  at the age 92.

There is one picture of him posted on the  Marmora Historical website installing an electric motor at the  Marmora arena. I remember helping him as a kid rebuild the ice plant for the arena.
Our parents often talked about how they considered Marmora their "real" home.