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D'ya spose we're all related?

Bill O'Keefe sent us this photo of a drawing of Zaddock Daniel LaFontaine,   owner and publisher of the Marmora Herald at the turn of the 20th century.   Although he is just one man,  the photo brings together so many local family names.  He writes:

"This is a Photo of Zadock "Zed" Lafontaine Born near Rice lake in 1873 and died in Tweed Ont in 1920. He was the editor of the Marmora paper for some time and then bought the paper in Tweed which he ran until his death in 1920. His daughter was Gracia Rebecca LaFontaine, who married, Daniel Neil O'Keefe,  whose grandfather was John O'Neill from Marmora.  John O'Neill's wife was Annie Shannon, her daughter Ellen was Daniel Neil O'Keefe's mother."  Gracia's mother was Mary "Minnie" Foley from Marmora and Mary's Mother and father were Thomas Foley and Maria Shannon, both of Marmora. 

Whew!    Now we all know that Shannons are related to Maloneys and Hughes,  not to mention Crawfords,  Butlers,  O'Neils,  O'Keefe's,  Lynch,  Haughton, Quinlan, Stephens and Walsh.  Then related to them are Minihanes, Rohans, and O'Connors! 

                                                                                              Why that's half the village right there!

You can peruse our catalogue of family names,  which is steadily going thanks to the Gerald Belanger genealogical collection,  and contributions of our readers.


Well,  back to Mr. Lafontaine.  You can read more about the Marmora Herald.  Just click here.