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The Country Kitchen

This building is found just west of the Village on the No. 7 Highway.  Wayne VanVolkenburg has this memory of the building:

" I believe that this building was built circa 1959, to be used as a building material store.  My assumption for the date is based on the appearance by Ted Curl at the official opening.  Ted was the host of "Teen Age Dance Party" on CKWS television for the year 1959.  This was a show fashioned after Dick Clark's American Band Stand.  Bryan Olney became the host in 1960.  (Teenage Dance Party was a program many teens in Kingston tuned in to weekly, if they weren't already at the studio trying to get on it. Showcasing bands and artists from across the country, the program allowed young people in Kingston to be part of the growing rock 'n' roll movement taking place across North America.)

 If I remember correctly, there was some free dancing involved with Ted spinning a few records.  He arrived  from Kingston in a British sports car; something rare in the area. It was a convertible, likely a TR3.  He commented on how little time it took him to make the trip.   Possibly this was to impress the girls gathered around him and his car.

I don't think that the store lasted long as such and then became a restaurant. I remember the owners,  Marcel and Glenn Labossiere,  had  two Newfoundland dogs in the restaurant, drooling while they watched you eat!