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The Armstrong Mill

Jim Chard wrote:  In 1983-84, and the few years following that, some friends  and I followed the road from Twin Sister Lakes to the intersection with the Whetstone Lake - Armstrong Lumber Camp road. We would then travel to Carson Lake and marvel at the old steam saw mill beside the lake. The slab wood and mill cuttings boiler still stood. The timber frame mill still stood with the saw carriage still on tracks, the log conveyor still in place, coming from the lake. The lake would have never frozen in the winter because of the steam operations. The table chain conveyors used to move the lumber and slab wood away from the mill carriage was still in place. The lumber trim saws were still there. It was a wonderful site to be seen in the middle of nowhere.

My Grandfather worked at the Armstrong Lumber Camp. Went out to the Hastings Road, every weekend to retrieve the mail for the camp. That was axe, cross cut saw, and horse, days.