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Marmora Soap Factory burns down (by Ann-Marie Willman-Spry)

"Mom remembered when the soap factory burned. She said the suds could be seen in the river for almost a year."

MHF adds:  This building  which stood just south of the dam on the east bank of the Crowe River,  was first built as a potashery.  It is also considered Marmora's first school house, although Charles Hayes showed a school on his 1824 map at the corner of Mill St. & Cordova Rd. We have no evidence yet, however,  that this school existed..  Some time around 1918,  Mr. F. Fraser Bowen,  a former Polmolive Co, salesman,  opened his soap factory in the abandoned building,  however,  it was not long after that the factory burned down.  It was believed to be a case of arson.  Some of the ruins remain.

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