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The murder of Richard Wolfe 1874 (by Bill O'Keefe)

Hughes Cemetery, Centre Line Road, Marmora,  Richard Wolfe, 1874

Hughes Cemetery, Centre Line Road, Marmora,  Richard Wolfe, 1874

 My 3rd great grandfather was Robert O'Neill who married Ellen Wolfe.  This is an excerpt from the Renfrew Mercury from Oct 15 1874.

"About 9:00 last evening a dreadful murder was committed about 5 miles from Marmora.  The murdered man,  Richard Wolfe, resided about five miles from here andwas in the village during the day,  where he had an altercation and fight with Thomas White, who left the village about dusk for home. Wolfe waited for some time and then started for home . both of them travelling the same road.  When about 2 miles out he came up with White and Wheeler.   White,  being out of the wagon, attacked Wolfe and stabbed him in the thigh, cutting his femoral artery lengthwise about one inch and one half, he fell back and died on the spot."

Margie Royle adds:   I remember my grandfather, Ed O'Connor, telling stories about that man who was murdered. I believe he may have been Grandpa's uncle, as his mother was Elizabeth Wolfe. She is buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery.