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1930's The John Bonter Marble Quarries, north Marmora

Arlene McKee  sent this photo and added "This picture was taken by Uncle Albert Campion,  showing a  shuttle car for rock or ore and track.     Art & Bev Meyer home just to left of tall lattice post.   To the right,  the old Archie Jones homestead across road.  (My home now is sitting just to left of Meyers',  next to the old Jones home!)"

The MHF added  that we also know that the Bonter Marble and Calcium Company was granted a Provincial charter in June of 1934, with J.W. Bonter as president and H.M. Bonter Sec-Treasurer. The new cocmpany manufactured and sold wholesale “White Stucco Dash, White Terazzo Chips, White PoultryGrit, White Marbl Dust an White Marble Blocks.

Arthur Meehan  and Percy Cooper were employees of this mine,  as was Frank Frederick Dayton.  In a 1931 reference to the Silica Rock Quarry,   we find that Mr. Dayton was accidentally killed by a dynamite explosion.