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Downtown "Shoot out" in Marmora (by Lou Wilson)

Happier Times

One Saturday night before midnight, in the late 60's on the main drag in Marmora Ontario,  James "Squeak" Reynolds, about 26 years old,  had a history of mental problems  decided he was going to shoot up the hotel because they would not serve him anymore beer. He was on the "Prohibited"  list. No alcohol was supposed to be served to him in the county. He had historically  gone  crazy on occasions prior to the court judgement.  He wandered down to the hardware store and broke in to get a gun. Three of us who knew him came along & spotted him inside. I climbed up on the front window to look inside and he took a shot at me and missed by 2 inches - See arrow. It turned into a major event with many police.He also had fired several shots into the ceiling after he heard noises from the residents. The father mother and 2 daughters were in the iron bathtub for safety. A couple of my friends went around back to get him out as the police were on their way. He fired through the door and one fellow fell to the ground bleeding. Luckily it was just shattered glass from the storm door that cut him  He wandered out on the street with a rifle firing up and down the street. About 200 people had collected all behind or under cars. The cops shot him 3 times;  he went down;   I rushed over to restrain him as well as some cops. He still had the strength to lift my whole body in the air. He survived. I was to be a witness against my wishes but I never had to testify. He could not see anything without his glasses. I noticed just before he shot they were all broken. So he was shooting at sounds. Right about where the GE sign is. Now we would call this terrorism but in Marmara in the 60;s it was just another Saturday night. Right about where the GE sign is.

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This photo, 1962,   supplied by Wayne VanVolkenburg shows the "Pearce Street Boys" - Bernie Stewart, Wayne Van- Volkenburg,   James "Squeak" Reynolds

Back rt. Ken Horton,  & possibly Doug Falls.