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November 21, 1946

One of the most disgraceful displays of inexcusable ignorance among children that it is possible to imagine took place in the Town Hall on Tuesday evening. A free motion picture was presented by the Ontario Department of Education similar to the one presented for the school children in the afternoon and had it not been for the noise and confusion caused by the children it would have been a very enjoyable feature. One film particularly was a travelogue of the St. Lawrence River and was in technicolor showing some very beautiful and interesting scenes along that mighty river. The pictures were clear and the sound was superior to most of the portable machines we have had here but it was impossible to hear any of it for the noise.

Fortunately there were only a few adults in the audience as they would have been as disgusted and as disappointed as the writer. There were about one hundred children, mostly of school age, and they seemed to feel that it was the duty of each one of them to create all the disturbance they could in as many ways as possible, among which were walking around the hall, kicking or shoving the seats, throwing hats or caps or anything else they could get hold of, yelling, whistling and cracking gum.

It is about time the parents of Marmora woke up to the fact that the children are only a reflection of their parents and the home training they are given. If children were taught to be decent and orderly by their parents they would not go to such extremes when they get out in public.

This is not the first time that this condition has prevailed at local entertainments. On the contrary, on different occasions lately it has been necessary to send for the police to keep order in the Hall. Unless something can be done to get away from this nuisance the Hall might as well be shut up as far as entertainments are concerned for no adult will want to go to listen to the uproar that the children of Marmora make at a public entertainment.
"One Who Was There "