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On June 25, 1936,  the Marmora Herald reported the tragic death of Gerald Smith who was fatally injured while in charge of the compressor which supplied air power to the Pearce Mine just east of Deloro Smelting and Refining Company's plant.   The compressor was operated by electric power and the duties of the man in charge were chiefly to keep the machine oiled and turn off the switches in case of power failure. 

It appears Mr. Smith was caught in the belt in some way. His body,  found lying face down and badly damaged,  was found by William Goodchild, an employee of Deloro Smelting and Refining Company. Click here to read the whole story of Gerald Smith (1908-1936)

By amazing coincidence,  Gerald's father,  Arthur Smith, a baker,   died in a similar accident on October 6, 1927,  when his clothing caught in the shaft of a gasoline engine in the Lummiss & Bonter Bake Shop (later known as Vaughan's I.G.A).  It was his son,  Gerald,  who discovered his mangled body in the morning. 

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