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1926 Pheasants released

Marmora Herald April 15, 1926

Pheasants to Be Released

Last year a flock of nearly fifty pheasants were raised in the 'village as a result of action by the Booster Club. The birds were wintered in a coop and, in a large wire cage, which was erected at Mr. Robt. Nayler's. - The birds wintered well and have been a big attraction this spring to citizens of the village and. others, There are three golden pheasants,  a male and two females, and the others are .ring-necked pheasants. Most of them will soon he released in the bird sanctuary west of Crowe River, where it is hoped they will thrive and multiply. About ten of the hens and sufficient males  for breeding purposes will be  retained,   and the eggs from these will again be I used  for breeding purposes. It is I hoped in that way to have another  flock to release again next year, The pheasants are the most beautiful game  birds to be found in Ontario, with  their brilliant plumage and graceful shape. A few flocks of them in the  woods adjoining the village and around Crowe Lake will be a great attraction  and in a few years, if they thrive, will be quite an asset to the community. Let everyone help to protect them, as far as possible.

( June 28, 2015 - Jim Chard  added:  There were some free range Ring Necks in North Marmora and Vansickle 10 years ago. A good flock in both locations. They are no longer there. I think the increasing turkey population over run them.)