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Town Hall Tonsillectomies

TONSlLS AND ADENOIDS                     Nov. 13, 1919   
A successful clinic was held yesterday in the Town Hall for the benefit of the school children of Marmora and district. A total of 27 operations were performed for the removal of tonsils and adenoids and proved very satisfactory. The auditorium of the hall was fitted up with cots and the operations commenced in the morning. The stage was used for an operating room and Dr. Mackechnie was the operating surgeon, ably assisted by Drs. Thomson and Crawford. Miss Campbell, graduate nurse and Miss Watt, of Deloro made efficient nurses and a number of practical nurses  from Marmora's Women's Institute. Lunch was served at noon by the W.I. for parents and assistants. In the evening the doctors and nurses went to Deloro and operated on 6 children in the hospital there.

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