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100 years ago today -FIRE IN THE SCHOOL!

Marmora Herald April 21, 1915 A very serious fire occurred on April 21, 1915, which resulted in the destruction of Marmora's eight room Public School. The fire started in the basement of the school and spread so quickly that most of the children lost their books and some of their coats and hats. Mr. C.S. Haigh, principal of the school, after investigating and finding the cellar a mass of flames, returned to his room, sounded the fire alarm and had all the students march out in perfect order before they realized what was wrong. The value of the building together with furniture and equipment was approximately $15,000.00 and there was $7,500.00 covered by insurance. Arrangements were made for accommodations for the various classes as follows: Miss Campbell's class at the White Hall Miss Vaughan's class at the Masonic Hall Miss Shea's class in the Town Hall Miss Moran's class and Mr. Haig's classes at the red building at the fairgrounds. David Simmon was awarded the contract for the building of the new Marmora Public School
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