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Council considers Fire Truck, July 9, 1908

From 1900 to 1908,  the Marmora Business Section had suffered  more than 5 major fires,  destroying great sections of the street,  and causing heartbreaking losses for the owners.  These setbacks were a result of lack of fire equipment in an age when wood stoves were the main source of heat. In 1908, council met to look at how the town could improve the protection.

"The regular session of the village Council was held on Monday evening. Council members Warren, Mackechnie and Pearce being present. Councillor Warren occupied the chair.                 
Mr. Wiley, travelling representative of the International Harvester Co. of which firm Mr. Wm. Flynn is the local agent, was present and addressed the council in regard to the purchase of a fire engine for the town. He said they had placed on the market a six and eight horsepower gasoline engine with ·one of the most up to date pumps on the market. With these engines any well or cistern can be utilized and with 25 feet of suction hose and 400 feet of regular hose it will throw a stream almost equal to a town waterworks for any ordinary fire. The whole thing is mounted on wheels so that it can be used either with wheels or runners and as each part is stationary there would be no adjusting of belts or anything of that kind. The price would be almost $850.00 for the 6 horsepower engine.
On  a motion of councillors Mackechnie and Pearce, Mr. Wiley was requested to submit a letter giving full particulars as to work done by the engine, price etc. Council then adjourned to meet again on the 20th to take up the question of the purchasing of the electric light plant."
Marmora Herald