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MARMORA HERALD - May 23,  1940

The Provincial Government has decreed that all municipalities having relief rolls, must sponsor the "garden plot" movement among the recipients. Every able-bodied person who has been receiving relief must cultivate a garden at least twenty-five by one hundred feet. The municipality will be obliged to make a report on all cases and if costs are to be shared by the Province and Dominion, approval must be secured. This new program is part of the general relief administration and no municipality wherein relief claims have been made within six months is exempt. Those apt to be seeking relief next winter will be obligated to plant a garden.

About the only able-bodied man in the Village of Marmora,  who has received relief during the past year,  although still without regular employment, has refused to cultivate a garden as required by the Government. That means that no matter what his circumstances may be next winter the Municipality will not be able to put his name on a relief roll.