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April 15, 1915 - Accident at Cordova Power House


With the establishment of the Cordova mines came the need for electricity.  The water from the Deer lake dam was conveyed through a six foot flume,  a distance of 1550 feet,  giving a head of 74 feet at the power house,  where it drove two turbines of 800 and 400 H.P.  The site of the power house is now overgrown,  but at one time was an impressive structure.  The turbines were directly connected to a 250 K.W. generator,  and the 2,200 volt current was conveyed over 3 aluminum cables to the transformer at the Cordova mine,  where it was stepped down to 550 volts for driving motors and 110 volts for lighting.  The 800 HP turbine drove endless cotton ropes and a large two-stage compressor, having a capacity of 5,000 cubic feet of free air per minute.  The air was conveyed three miles through a 12" pipe at the mine at Cordova at 100 p.s.i.