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This photo on the left, found by Wayne VanVolkenburg at the Historical Foundation, presented a problem. When and where, in Marmora, did such a bridge exist, and whose house is that white one?

Taking a look at details, we can see on the horizon line a roof scape that is a little similar to modern Forsyth Street. Behind the trees on the left could be the St. James hotel (Havelock Auto parts now) and the old TD bank behind it. But it is not clear. On the left we also see a shed, four trees and six pieces of lumber over what seems to be a crib.

Time for comparisons with other photos……….

In 1910 we see the iron bridge is in place, the little shed by the water is there, and the shed on the right is similar in both photos, but no white house or bridge resembling the one above

But in 1932, plans were underway to relocate the iron bridge, blast through the rock and construct the #7 highway. To do so, a temporary bridge was constructed. Looking closely, you can see the four trees and the six pieces of lumber, and the white house, about which we have no information other than it stood where the baseball diamond is now. Mystery solved.

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