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Springbrook Cheese Factory operated until 1952

In 1894, after long discussion , the cheese factory board of Springbrook decided to move the 1873 company from the spring and the brook on Lorne McInroy’s farm at Lot 8, Concession 9, Rawdon Township, to a more accessible location, 500 feet from the north east corner of the Springbrook intersection. There, the board members erected a fine stone factory which was to be crowned with fame.

It seems the cheesemaker, Wesley Thompson had been appalled for years that the whey, which still contained much butter fat, was fed to pigs! Being inventive, he skimmed off the cream of the whey and made a form of butter. Since no one was likely to buy this “pig feed” butter, it was retailed in a disguised form. Being a cheaper buttery product, it attracted customers who returned repeatedly for the wonderful spread. Thus was born the first whey butter in Ontario, and possibly in Canada. Today it is no longer disguised, but sold for what it is - whey butter.

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