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The Marmora Postcard Collection

Post card collecting is one of three of the biggest hobbies world wide,  equal to  stamp and coin  collecting. Their popularity is explained by the wide range of subjects they cover,  but mostly because history itself can be tracked in postcards.

The pioneer era of post cards in Canaada  began on June 1, 1871,  when Canada issued a prestamped,  pictureless post card.  It was called a postal stationery card and was sold for one cent,  which included the card and delivery anywhere in the Dominion.  It allowed for messages on the back and only the address on the front.

The government had allowed small designs on the address side by 1897,  but in 1898,  the private mailing card was invented,  with only the address on the stamp side and a picture and message on the back.  It was not until December 1903 that the Official Postal Guide allowed a divided card with a message on the address side  and a photo or  illustration on the reverse. 


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On Jan 3, 2019, Rosemarie (O'Neill) Menassas added:

Back in the early 50s. in the attic of our home at 93 Forsyth St, we found a Postcard album. A very ornate cover on it, and filled with postcards in slots much like early photo albums. We used to make airplanes out of them, and "fly" them across the attic. How ignorant were we of the value of such treasures! Wish I had that album today and I would send it to you!