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Dr. Parkin Jr. campaigned against drunk driving



Almost everyone in town has fond memories of Dr. Herbert Parkin,  who practiced medicine in Marmora for 38 years.  But probably a lot less people realize his son,  Herbert Parkin Jr. was also a physician.  He worked in the emergency department for 15 years in the Royal Columbian Hospital in BC.  It was there that he developed his strong views concerning drinking and driving and eventually spearheaded that province's government program named "Counter Attack".

Parkin appeared in commercials as the persuasive,  green-smocked surgeon saying that he's been trying to save a little girl,  victim of an impaired driver.  He goes on: "Now I've got to tell her parents there's nothing more I can do"  The punch line:  "But there is something you can do.  If you see a drinking driver,  please call the police."

Dr. Parkin died of cancer on Jan 4, 1987 at the age of 42