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Captain John J. O'Neill 1893


The building on the corner of Highways 7 and 14 (where the TD bank is situated) was built by Captain John Joseph O'Neil in 1893. He and his wife, Ellen Butler, emigrated from Ireland and settled in Deloro, living there until 1884 when they moved to Marmora. Capt. O'Neill was one of the first mining developers of Deloro and Cordova Gold Mines.
The" O'Neill building" replaced a small frame building belonging to Dr. L.E. Pomeroy, who ran a medical practice there with his red brick home behind it, facing Matthew Street (Highway 7). He moved his practice to "Stewart Drugstore" on Forsyth St. The new O'Neill building housed a hardware in the south half and the north half (where the Historical Foundation is today) was leased to the Sovereign Bank of Canada.

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