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Football Trophy Named after Marmora man

W.E.G. "Glad" Murphy was an employee of the Dominion Bank in Marmora, but in 1914 left for Toronto to take an aviation course, expecting to join the flying corp on the front lines.  He was picked up, however,  by the Toronto Argonaut Football Team,  who recognized him to be one of Ontario's finest athletes - a rugby player, a hockey player and even a rower in Henley.

But Glad Murphy made history when he scored the team's first-ever Grey Cup touchdown in the 1914 win over the Toronto Varsity team. Varsity's Red McKenzie fumbled the ball on a punt return on his own 15-yard line,  which Glad Murphy picked up and ran in to the end zone for an Argonaut touchdown.

One year later, though,  tragedy struck when he suffered a broken neck in a game against the Hamilton Tigers on Oct. 9, 1915.   He subsequently died from the injury."

From 1959 to 1965 the Ontario Football Conference  trophy wasthe Glad Murphy Cup.

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