The story of the Fidlar family in Marmora begins in Scotland,  when Magnus (Magness) Fidlar,  a boat builder born on Aug. 26, 1759,  in Stromness, Orkney Scotland,  married Janet Irvine (born 1766).  From that union there were born ten children.  It was John, (1805-1881),  a young sailor,  who was going to leave his mark in Marmora.

John Fidlar 1804- 1881

John Fidlar 1804- 1881

  • Peter Fidlar 1790 –

  • Cicilia (Cecelia) Fidlar 1792 –

  • Edward Fidlar, (Merchant) 1794 – 1861

  • James Fidlar 1796 –

  • Jannet Fidlar, Straw plaiter 1799 –

  • Thomas Fidlar 1801 –

  • Marjorie (Mary?) Fidlar, 1803

  • John Fidlar, Sailor 1804 –

  • Magnus Fidlar 1807 –

  • David Fidlar 1809 –

John Fidlar and his wife, Elizabeth St. Harry

Belleville House of Refuge was a large house and farm on the north side of Dundas Street East in Belleville. It was a residence for both male and female indigents. The men worked on the farm and dairy and the women worked in the kitchens. It has been torn down and replaced with the new Hastings Manor.


Fidlar homestead Lot 14, Conc. 5

On Feb 4, 1867, John Fidlar received a Crown Patent to all of Lot 15, Concession 5, in the Township of Marmora. Thereafter, in January of 1868 he had purchased Lot 14, Conc 5, (now known as Fidlar's Glen,  off the Beaver Creek Rd)  from John Bell for $300.00 with a $200.00 mortgage.  He settled there with his wife,  Elizabeth St. Harry.  (born in 1810) and they had five children.

Janet Irvine Fidlar   Birth 13 Sep 1841 in Tynemouth, Northumberland, United Kingdom    Death 14 Feb 1910 in Bruce Mines, Bruce Co., Ontario, Canada.  Janet married William Inkster in Marmora Township in 1870

Sampler made by Janet Irvine Fidlar completed in 1851 when she was eleven years old.  It is now in the possession of a descendant, Bill Inkster of Kincardine, Ontario   (Photo courtesty of Jennifer Kolthammer, Texas)

William Inkster and Janet Irvine Fidlar

James Harvey Fidlar,    Birth 1843 in Ontario       Death 22 Dec 1913 in Bruce, Ontario, Canada,  Married Isabella Inkster, ( 1842-1927 ) and had one daughter, Agness Bessie Fidlar,  born in 1888

Elizabeth Fidlar


Married shoemaker, James Wilkinson (c 1834 - abt 1891 - 1901)

Sarah Hay(es) Fidlar,  Birth Sept. 9, 1844 in Ontario, Canada   Death May 26, 1934 in Front Street, Stirling, Hastings   Sarah married Francis Borland  Parker,  a grocer,  banker and accountant (1832 – 1903)

Sarah Parker, grandmother of Donald Ross, Gt Grandmother of Janet Ross

Sarah Fidlar and Francis Borland Parker


Magnus Fidlar Jr.  Birth 1847 in Ontario Died26 Jul 1930 in "House of Refuge" Township of Thurlow (Belleville),Hastings County

Arthur Edward Ross   husband of Mabel Sarah Parker (1872-1903) (no photo)

 Arthur Ross (June 9, 1870 – November 15, 1952) was an Ontario physician and political figure. He represented Kingston in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1911 to 1921 and represented Kingston and then Kingston City in the Canadian House of Commons from 1921 to 1935 as a Conservative member.

He was born in Cobden, Ontario, the son of John Ross. Ross was educated at Queen's University and the University of Edinburgh. In 1902, he married Mabel Parker. Ross served on the city council for Kingston, serving as mayor in 1908. In the same year, he ran unsuccessfully for a seat in the House of Commons. He served in the provincial cabinet as Minister Without Portfolio in 1919 and Minister of Health from 1919 to 1921. Ross was defeated in a bid for re-election in 1935.

Ross served during the Second Boer War. He was an officer in the 1st Canadian Field Ambulance during World War I, reaching the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, and later served as Director of Medical Services for the Canadian Expeditionary Force, serving as a Brigadier-General. Ross was credited with being the first to find measures to combat "trench foot" and the effects of mustard gas, as well as being the first to use light relays to evacuate the wounded[1].

Ross was rector for Queen's University from 1920 to 1924 [2].

 Canadian Who's Who, 1936-1937, Charles G.D. Roberts and AL Tunnell