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1812 Earhart (Airhart) Petition for Land Grant

The years around 1812 were unsettled times for Upper Canada. The Americans were looking to govern the whole North American continent, while the British, already feeling the wounds of losing their colonies on the continent’s east shores, were planning the strategies to hold on to their ground won from the French. One way was to reward those loyal to the Crown, the Loyalists, with grants of land, and then encourage more settlers and the next generation, with similar encouragement.

Just recently, while trying to confirm the Airhart family tree, Kevin Van Koughnett, sent us a Canada Archives copy of the Asahel Earhart’s (Airhart) document from Jan. 28, 1812 - a Petition asking for such a Land Grant in Adophustown, south of Napanee.


It reads:

To his Excellency Francis C. Gore ,  Provincial Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Upper Canada,  and ___in Council, The Petition of Asahel Earhart,  son of Adam Earhart of the Township of Fredericksburg,  a United Empire Loyalist

Most Humbly showeth That your Petitioner is the son of Adam Earhart of the Township of Fredericksburg,  a United Empire Loyalist,   that he has attained the full age of 21 years,  has taken the oath of Alligence (sic) as will appear by the  annexed certificate and has never had any Land or  Order for  Lands from the Crown, Wherefore your petitioner prays that your Excellency may be pleased to grant him two hundred acres of the vast Land of the Crown and permit Thomas Dorland  _____of Adolphustown to ___the  ___ and take out the Deed when completed and your Petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray.

Adolphustown 28th Jan. 1812                                Asahel   His X Mark    Earhart

Asahel Earhart maketh Oath and sayeth that he is the person he describes himself to be in the above Petition,  that attained the age of 21 years and has never received any Land or Order for Lands from the Crown. Sworn before me  in a General Quarter Sessions   Of the Peace of the Midland District In the Court House of Adolphustown    This 28th day of January 1812 Alec Fisher Chairman  (Same oath sworn by Henry Bartley by his mark)

Thomas Dorland, mentioned here, was a Captain of a company of militia in the war of 1812.