Hugh Shannon, Ellen Wolfe, Margaret Dunn



Also known as the Centre Line Road Cemetery

Part of Lot 12, Concession 6, Marmora Township

This is the second Catholic Church Cemetery established in 1855 on land donated by James Hughes to service Catholic burials as the original St. Matilda's cemetery was not in use anymore.

Click here for 1997 Report on Centre Line Rd. Catholic Cemetery (Hughes Cemetery)

   A little collection of details about the Hughes Cemetery

  • The  four Quebec  river drivers buried at Hughes Cemetery are:

Joseph Richards born 1845   He  was from St. Maurice, Canada East and drowned in Deer River on May 3, 1867 just a bit before Confederation. He was 22 years old.

Ulderic Desilets  was born 1841. He was from St. Gregoire and drowned in Beaver Creek on May 13, 1869 at the age of 28.

Both these men worked for Julian Bissonnette, an official of the Gilmour Lumbr Co., and it was he  who erected monuments for them

Ignac Paradis born 1849 and died May 10, 1869. He  was from St. Lambert, Quebec and worked for  the Page Lumber Company.  He drowned at Deer River  Falls, Belmont Township and his monument was erected by Mr. R. Downs or Mr. R. Page of the Page Lumber Co. but nothing remains of the original monument.  In August, 2014,  however,  a new white  cross and plaque were erected in memory of this lost soul.

Broken tombstone        River Driver  THEAVE (?) May 18___, Aged 2_? Erected by Julian Bissonnette


Richard Wolfe, John's son, (Maloneys' great grandfather)   was murdered on Deloro Road in 1874 by White from Madoc after drinking and arguing at grist mill in Marmora. Richard and wife are buried in Center Line Cemetery north of Marmora.

Bill O'Keefe  writes:  Richard Wolfe was stabbed to death by Tom White on his way home from town in 1874 at the site of the train station, leaving his 2 daughters orphaned. 

This is an excerpt from the Renfrew Mercury from Oct 15 1874:   About 9:00 last evening a dreadful murder was committed about 5 miles from Marmora. He was in the village during the day where he had an altercation and fight with Thomas White, who left the village about dusk for home. Wolfe waited for some time and then started for home . both of them travelling the same road, when about 2 miles out he came up with White and Wheeler, White being out of the wagon and attacked Wolfe and stabbed him in the thigh, cutting his femoral artery lengthwise about one inch and one half, he fell back and died on the spot.

First interment was Alexander McCallum who died November 28, 1858. Last interment was James Quinn and he died February 2, 1876. 

This is also the final resting place of Aureli Taillon nee Bellrose who was born in 1815 and died June 5, 1868.  Aureli's claim to fame was a 142 pound tumor and it was written on her monument but the monument has disappeared.   At the time of her death, one of the Belleville doctors would not believe the report in the newspaper, but Dr. H.M. Jones attended the case and permitted doubtful citizens to see the growth. People in Marmora still talk of her today. There is not tombstone left to remind them.



by Bonnie Cole,  recorded 1981  (Photos by A. Philpot in 2014)

Fanny Catharine,  Beloved dau of Hugh and Elizabeth CRAWFORD,  DIED DEC.4,1861, AGE 22 yrs. 6 mo May her soul rest in peace AMEN        

How sweet to hear Christ say at last, Ye blessed children come,                                   Your sorrows are forever past,   heaven is now your home.                                                S.A. Moor  Belleville

In Memory Of Catherine Ann Beloved daughter of Wm & Mary Dwyer  who died June 22,1867  Aged 13  (18?) years & 9 mo & 14 days     May her soul rest in peace   Amen

Catherine's sweet smiles no more we'll see,  Her voice no more on earth we'll hear,            From earth and all its cares she's freed Though causing many a silent tear,

 Sacred to the  Memory of Hugh Shannon          Who died March 8, 1869 Aged 37 years            May his soul rest in peace    AMEN

 James QuinnNative of the Parish,  Loughgall, County Armagh/Ireland/Died Feb 2 1876/ aged 85 years

(James Quinn married Susan McGuire - his son, also named James, married Catharine McCullon )

 In Memory of Catherine McCullon Beloved wife of James Quinn Died Jan 1, 1876 Aged 36 (38?) years

 Alexander,  son of A & M McCollum                    Nov. 28, 1858      19 (39?) years 9 m 27 d

John Murry     Born in Ireland June 4, 1794         Died in Marmora C.W.(Canada West)                June 28, 1864     May he rest in peace   AMEN

Eliza Ann   Wife of J.I. Cook (James Ira)  Died Aug 21 1871 Aged 40 years 5 mos & 21 days  On the side of the above tombstone are printed the following children:-

James (Cook)son of J.I. & E.A. died Aug 24, 1867 aged 9 yrs 4 mo/10 days Also Rosa Ann Dau of the above Died Aug 18, 1867  aged 11 mo & 6 days

Also Rosa Ann Dau of the above Died Aug 18, 1867  aged 11 mo & 6 days

Ellen  Wife of Richard Wolfe Died May 21, 1869 Aged 33 years

How sweet to hear Christ say at last                     Ye blessed children come                                     Your sorrows are forever past                                    And heaven is now your home

Sacred to the Memory Of Richard Wolfe          Who died on the 14th (4th or 11th?) Oct 1874   Aged 48 years

Margaret Wife of Wm. Dunn Who died    April 19, 1864 Aged 34 years     May her soul rest in peace  AMEN

 Samuel Fougha  Died Oct 11, 1869    Aged 16 years 7 Mo  & 14 days

 Charles Brady   Died Apr. 15, 1860                     Age 72 yrs & 8 Mo      A native of County Cavan of Kildalin  Diocese of Kilmore  Ireland.

In the bushes behind, the following footstones are scattered about:

 E.W. (F.W.?)   R.W.   U.D.   J.R.   A.M.  J.M  M.D.  E.A.G.  J.B.