Unbeknownst to a lot of people,  tucked away in a garage on Cameron Street,   is Marmora's own woodcarver,  Bob Broadbent.  A man of many talents,  he had been a successful real estate agent earlier in his life,  but it was the purchase of the Home Hardware that brought him,  and his wife Barbara,  to Marmora. 

He has dabbled in water colours and oil paintings but it seems to be the chisel,  the gouger and the scraper that has caught his attention lately.  Surrounded by all kinds of characters from wild Scotsmen to sailors, gnomes,  jolly RCMP officers and an axe wielding Santa,  Bob whittles away the hours,  producing an amazing array of artwork.

     Oil painting by Bob Broadbent

Bob recently donated a collection of carved heads to the Marmora Historical Foundation which will be on permanent display in our Heritage Centre.  We are honoured to have been chosen to house these works,  and we are looking forward to our Christmas window display that will showcase his Santa collection.


Santa Claus carvings are available at Broadbent's Home Hardware,  Marmora