The shannon hardware with lawyer's office sign in window - Alex A. McDonald



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A well known house in general hardware, etc. in Marmora is the one conducted by Mr. Dan Shannon, He established himself in business here 11 years ago. The premises occupied for business purposes are located in the Shannon Block on Forsyth St. The building owned and built by him in 1900 is a 2 storey and basement structure 60 x 70 feet in area. The second floor is utilized for dwelling purposes, as well as private offices and washrooms. In the rear of the store is a fireproof warehouse and workshop of solid stone construction, cement floor 25 x 93 feet in dimension. An additional 2 storey ware- house of galvanized iron construction, cement floor, 27 x 30' in dimension was recently erected for storing Massey-Harris agricultural implements. Mr. Shannon possesses every facility and modern appliance for the prosecution of the work carried on.

Sarah Donahue Shannon and Daniel Shannon

He is a practical and experienced hardware merchant and dealer tin, granite and agateware, miners supplies, builders supplies etc. A special feature is made of iron beds, springs and mattresses. Massey-Harris machinery repairs are kept in stock, also a complete line of paints, oils, . varnishes, etc. Tin smithing, roofing, plumbing and furnace work of all kinds is done by competent and experienced workmen only. Estimates are promptly furnished and work in all lines is guaranteed. Several assistants are employed in the store, who wait on customers politely and spare no efforts to please. The trade extends all over Marmora and vicinity and is steadily increasing. Personally Mr. Shannon is held in the highest esteem by all who have business relations with him.

The Dempsey brothers,  John and Thomas,  built this building in 1900 and operated Dempsey Brothers Hardware. Dan Shannon,  who was the brother-in-law of John Dempsey,  purchased the building in September, 1907 from the Dempsey brothers. The brothers had a disagreement and divided the building in half before selling it to Mr. Shannon.

A stone building directly behind the store,  measuring 93' by 25' and made of limestone quarried in Marmora,   was originally used to sell Massey Harris farm equipment. A tin shop was also built and operated by John Laird in 1914.  By 1919, Daniel Shannon was selling stoves, washing machines, horse blankets and supplies for lumbermen and miners along with Massey-Harris farm equipment

The apartments/storage rooms, located on the second floor of the building were often rented or leased to various businesses. Lawyer, Alex A McDonald had his offices above the store in 1909.

Tailor, Charles Alfred Williams rented rooms prior to 1914 and Doctor Watt of Stirling had a dental office in this building in May 1914. 

In March of 1926,  the building was formally split,  with Tom Byrnes and Mr. Meraw purchasing the south half,  and Alphonse Shannon and Clifford Jones purchasing the north half for a barber shop and pool hall. They also purchased the store houses at the back,  while Maloney and Forestell retained what was formerly a tin smith shop.

Alphonse (Phoney) Shannon and Clifford Jones opened a barbershop and poolroom in the north end of the building in 1926. Bill Darrah was the barber. Cliff Jones also took an embalming course in Toronto in 1928 and later worked for Marett's Funeral Home.  

1930s? To the left we can see the barber’s pole, the Tea Room and the Red and White Store that ran from 1928 to 1947.

Cliff Jones sold his barbershop and pool room to Thomas Paranuik who officially open his store in 1950. Ted Jeffery operated the pool room until John Farrar took it over in 1973. For the next few years it was owned and operated by Glenn Mawer and Fisher Stoves. Edith Brady turned it into a flower shop and later sold to Marjorie Madill who owned and operated it until 2006.

The Marmora Herald May 15, 1941

Steve and Franklin Smith in 1972 Christmas parade

Jane Mackenzie Robson Oct. 1966



18 and 20 Forsyth Street


"Clifford Jones has made a big change in the lower floor of his premises. Opposite the entrance door is a lunch counter and back of it, shelves with tobacco of all kinds. The pool tables have been placed in a room on the south side of the building in the rear of the restaurant. The barbershop is near the rear of the building and is entered from a side door".

Illness in 1975 forced Jack Farrar to sell his poolroom and barber business. After 1975, several different businesses occupied the northern half of the building such as :

Glenn Mawer and Fisher Woodstoves display office, Dianne Cole and Jenny Lee Flowers and Fancies Shop, Edith Brady and All Seasons Gift shop and Sears outlet, Marjorie Madill and Passions Flowers and Gift Shop and Sears outlet, Julie Maynes with At the Cottage gifts, boutique, clothing and Sears outlet and Selina Reid with Reid's Flowers and Gift Shop and Sears outlet.

10 Fisher stoves on a tractor trailer to a dealer in the east . No tie downs. Just heavy stoves, out of Eastern Ontario Stove Works on Victoria Street Marmora. 1977

Edith Brady and All Seasons Gift shop

Fisher Stoves Hockey Team

Fisher Stoves Hockey Team

In July, 2011, Deb Drummond, under the B.M.R. banner leased the northern half of the old Daniel Shannon building selling artwork, jewellery, gifts and bath decor in her store named Inspiration.

In 1914, the south end of the building was a grocery store run by John Shannon and in the store was a post office with John's daughter, Eva,the post mistress.

Tom Byrnes started the Red and White Grocery Store chain in the south section of the store in 1925. He leased the store from Maloney and Forestell.

Tom Byrnes sold his grocery business to Floyd (Bud) Loveless in 1947. Bud and his wife Rita ran the store until 1975 as LGM.

Saul Chung purchased the grocery business from the Montgomery's and in 1991 called it a Food Mart. The Montgomery's ran the store for 11 years from 1979 to 1991. Jane and Charlie owned and operated the business until 2006